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One Piece

One Piece 973 Spoilers Revealed: [Spoiler]’s Real Identity Confirmed

One Piece 973
Oden - One Piece Manga

One Piece 973 ends the long ongoing flashback for One Piece manga, and we are now moving onto the present, the upcoming chapter has so many spoilers, we have so many reveals in the current chapters, and with all this, we cannot wait for One Piece Chapter 974 already.

One Piece anime is almost catching up the manga as well, the upcoming One Piece Episode 924 will likely reveal SOBA MASK! FUNimation will be bringing it to the US on March 14, 2020.

Before we get started, I would like to let you guys know that these One Piece Chapter 973 spoilers are partial only, we will update this post as more spoilers are revealed.

One Piece 973 Spoilers Summary

  • -We see Toki take her last breathe after sending Momo and the Samurai to the future.
  • -Orochi is enraged because he cannot find proof that all Samurai are dead.
  • -In order to conceal his identity, Denjiro changed his appearance, adopting the name “Kyoshiro” and makes underlings.
  • -He completely kills his identity and sticks by Orochi’s side taking up Hyogoro’s role in the Capital as a chivalrous mafia boss.
  • -On the other hand, he also acts as the witching hour boy stealing money from the warehouse.
  • -After that, he discovers Hiyori who had been separated from Kawamatsu and was lost in the town and then reveals his identity to her.
  • -He implores Hiyori to not reveal his identity to even his allies until the very moment the battle starts.
  • -He then asks Hiyori to adopt the name Komurasaki and live as such in order to protect her.

One Piece 973 Spoilers – Page 1

  • Hiyori: Are you really Denjiro?!
  • Kyoushiro: Yes I speak the truth, Hiyori~sama.
  • Kyoushiro: So that’s what happened…Kawamatsu was…
  • Kyoushiro: This face that has been possessed/taken over by the demon known as “Rage”, I’m sure even Kinemon and the others won’t be able to recognize it…!!! That is very convenient.
  • Kyoushiro: Until the very start of the battle that will take place some when, I implore you to not divulge any details about my identity to anyone, even if those people happened to be our allies.
  • Kyoushiro: From today onwards, I will protect you in place of Kwamatsu. Please take up the name of “Komuraski” from now on

One Piece 973 Spoilers – Page 2

  • Orochi: Are you really a resident of the capital?
  • Orochi: So you’re from the Kyoushiro Family? Your reputation precedes you. Will you try to protect me then?
  • Kyoushiro: It’d be an honor to serve you, general Orochi.
  • Kyoushiro: Money, Women, Soldiers…I’ll act such that any and everything you need will be at your footstep
  • Random 1: What an accomplishment!, who the hell is that dude!
  • Random 2: Such resourcefulness! He’s also very capable.

One Piece 973 Spoilers – Page 3

  • Kaidou: The dream that was shoved down my throat…To think it was this young…
  • Momonosuke: *Waaaaa* Fatheeeer!!!
  • Kaidou: To think that was Oden’s son…Burn along with the castle and die…
  • Toki: All of you, come here!
  • Kinemon: To the future?!!!

This is all the spoilers we have for now, this post will be updated as we have more spoilers. You can also check One Piece: Stampede Trailer here, where Monkey D. Luffy fights one of the members of Gol D. Roger’s crew:

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