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British TV Series Behind Her Eyes To Hit Netflix Soon – Here is What You Need to Know

Behind Her Eyes

Based on Sarah Pinborough’s novel, the British TV series Behind Her Eyes will soon hit Netflix. Although the production work and filming of numerous movies and TV series were shut down due to the pandemic, this TV show’s makers didn’t face any hurdle. Since they were done with the show’s shooting by October 2019, they didn’t face any loss. The show is running on time. Since this psychological thriller’s news broke out among the audience, they have been eagerly waiting for the show to air. In this article, you will find out everything related to this show, the upcoming episode’s release date s, and other fun stuff. Follow the article till the end to learn everything!

Sarah Pinborough's Behind Her Eyes gets a TV adaptation

Sarah Pinborough’s Behind Her Eyes gets a TV adaptation.

The novel was published back in 2017 and became a best seller soon. The TV adaptation is expected to follow the theme and make it as intriguing as the book is. Psychological thrillers give us a sense of thread and suspense at the same time. The book managed to create that aura around readers, and fans expect the showrunners to follow in the footsteps. The cast of the show is already star-studded. Thus, get ready to get glued to your seats and get a kick out of Behind Her Eyes for all it has to offer to entertain us.

Behind Her Eyes Release Date Revealed

The psychological thriller, Behind Her Eyes will be released on February 17, 2021, on Netflix. The erotic thriller boasts about having an exquisite plot and storyline. Behind Her Eyes, packed with numerous twists and turns as claimed by makers, is one of the most awaited shows today. And, if you haven’t checked out the trailer yet, take glimpses of the show here!

Behind Her Eyes’ trailer was dropped early this February, that is, on February 2021, by Netflix. Fans found it captivating, and through the scenes shown in it, one can quickly discover how hard the makers must have tried to shoot them. The book stunned the readers with an unpredictable yet amazing ending. Let’s see how do the makers portray those scenes and stand up to our expectations or not.

Behind Her Eyes Storyline: What is the show all about?

This psychological drama revolves around a single mother named Louise, who finds herself lost in the modern world. To earn her livelihood, she works as a secretary in a firm. However, over time she gets into an illicit relationship with her boss. The strange part here is, she also begins to develop a bond of friendship with his wife. This is how the three get entangled in a twisted love triangle. She laters uncovers secrets about the dark and secretive world that leave her totally in shock and wonder. As we have already mentioned, the climax is one of the best parts of the book. So, let us not reveal it now, or else the fun of watching the TV show will be ruined.

Cast and Roles

The cast of Behind Her Eyes doesn’t comprise of many actors. The major roles in the book are- Louise, Adele, and David. Thus, the makers chose not to make it overly dramatic and stick with the three characters. Let’s see if the show turns out to be a break for the British actors.

Simona Brown as Louise

Simona Brown as Louise

Best recognized for her Man Up role, Simona Brown will play the protagonist in Behind Her Eyes. She sounded optimistic about her upcoming venture in a recent interview. The British actress made her acting debut in 2013 and still waiting for her break. Simona hopes this TV show turns out to be the best one of her career. Well, this young lady has now worked in several TV shows and Netflix series. Therefore, she is no more a stranger to the big screen.

Eve Hewson as Adele

Eve Hewson as Adele

Eve Hewson as Adele

Having started her acting career with the flick “This Must Be the Place,” Eve has covered a long way. She is an Irish actress and has served her bit in numerous British shows. Her parents didn’t want her to pursue acting, but the braveheart chose to listen to herself and followed her passion. Although there were rumors regarding Eve soon going to retire from acting, she isn’t in a mood to give up that easily. In a recent press conference, she halted all the ongoing rumors and announced she still wants to pursue her acting career.

Tom Bateman as David

Tom Bateman as David

Tom Bateman as David

This British actor is well recognized among fans for his work in “Murder on The Orient Express.” His acting, expressions, and dialogue deliveries were all in point in the show. Having served for many British TV shows, Tom Bateman has developed an image of “poster boy” in his fans’ minds. Tom will play the part of a charming husband who is stuck in a love triangle in the upcoming TV show. Although he is married, he develops an affair with the secretary at the office. This young man has already set the bars high for rising British actors with his performances in his past shows. We hope he continues to keep up the same work and give us more reasons to admire him.

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