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La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 24: Release Date & Streaming Guide

La Reina del Sur

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 24 release date is right on the clock. The series throws light on genres such as crime and action. It can be translated to Queen of the South. Actress Kate del Castillo plays the role of Teresa Medoza, the lead character in this series. The plot focuses on this woman who is quite naive and does not know about the patriarch world and the crimes.

But soon, as life teaches her many lessons along the way, she transforms into this powerful drug lord. Talking about her character in an interview, Kate said that Teresa did not want to become the woman she had turned into, but there was no choice in front of her. It is either this or death. Thus, she decided to take up the reigns and navigate a man’s world and make a name for herself in such a male-dominated business.

Kate talks about how her character has a lot of flaws and is someone opposite to that, a heroine or a role model. Teresa is full of flaws and makes mistakes all the time, and is in no way near perfect. But this is what makes her real, and thus, having a connection with the audience who expect her to be nothing less is quite easy.

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 24 Release Date

A still from La Reina Del Sur Season 3

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Recap

The best part about seeing Teresa on the screen is the power she radiates toward everyone around her. She is a mother and has a soft spot for her children. But given the business that she is in, Teresa needs to be careful and protect her offspring. But when it comes to caring, she protects not only her kids but also every one of her people who are on her side of the game. Here is a summary of the new season that we are watching right now.

In La Reina Del Sur Season 3, we see that Teresa wants nothing more than justice towards her. She has been wrongly accused of a crime she did not commit, and thus, in order to be free, she will have to forcefully break out of prison. It has been four years since she is behind bars, and this is high time she takes things into her own hands and seeks her revenge.

Other than that, the third season also sees some of the very important issues, such as human trafficking, which can destroy the lives of a lot of people in general. In this season, we will see how she escapes the confinement. Teresa has been sent to prison because of the deaths of three DEA Agents, and she had little to do with those. Sofia needs her mother, obviously, and Teresa is worried sick about her. Thus, she will escape and try to clear her name from the odd books of the law.

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 24 Release Date

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 24 release date is on the 21st of November 2022. The episode will drop out on Telemundo at 9 PM Eastern Time. New episodes of the show drop out every week from Mondays to Fridays.

How to Watch La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 24

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 24 can be watched easily when the episode drops out on Telemundo at the designated date and time slot that we have mentioned above. Later, the same episodes will be available to stream from the official website of the channel. Users will need to have valid cable login credentials for the same.

As for the people in the United States and other regions of the world who are curious to watch the latest episodes, they will have to wait. The streaming rights are owned by Netflix, and they have not yet disclosed a release date for the third season. As of right now, you can stream or revisit the previous two seasons from the platform which is available right now. Netflix costs 8.99 dollars a month with no ads but with limited device connectivity.

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