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Best Superbowl Half-time Show Performances for The Last Decade – Ranked

The Weekend has become trending for some time on the internet after he made our jaw drop by his performance on the latest Superbowl Half-time Show, right after he got snubbed by the Grammys by not nominating him in any category. But the showstopping and sublime performance is the epitome of every Superbowl Half-time Show. In this list, we are looking back to some of the most unforgettable moment in the Super Bowl Half-time Show history for the last decade, and ranking them.

8. Justin Timberlake, 2018

Justin Timberlake

This one was rarely talked about, receiving only 23 million youtube viewers, the lowest than the rest of this list’s performances, but Justin actually did great in this one. Oh, and he also did a magnificent tribute to the legend Prince during the performance. Those little dances he always does are always interesting to look at. Timberlake’s performance received mixed reviews. Bruce R. Miller of Sioux City Journal wrote “Timberlake is a masterful live performer – which made Sunday’s Super Bowl performance about the only sure bet,” he continued commenting that the performer “did a lot of infectious dancing and managed to play with the crowd like no other.” Although it did not have a moment that “stuck,” he considered the Prince tribute the best moment of the show.

7. Katy Perry, Leny Kravitz, Missy Elliot, 2015

Katy Perry

One word: grande. Katy Perry was at her peak in the era of the 2013-2015 music industry, right after her album ‘Teenage Dream’ that was full of smash pop hits was released. Nothing can go wrong as soon as we heard her ‘Roar’ at the beginning with her riding a monster huge tiger replica, and then it led to her another hit from ‘Prism’ album, ‘Dark Horse’, back to ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and ‘Teenage Dream’. It was a showmance of non-stop pop medley that defined the early decade of the 2010s. Missy Elliott accompanied Katy by singing her song ‘Work It’. It was a totally fun tribute to the vibe of the light but energetic era.

6. Beyonce, 2013


Beyonce is electrical in her performances, this one was no exception. Plus, there was an unprecedented surprise going on when her former Destiny’s Child compatriot, Kelly Rowlad and Michelle Williams join the stage and singing the old Destiny’s Child as well as jamming to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’. This was energetic in every second just like what we would expect from Beyonce. She looked like a badass woman figure who is ready to conquer the world, just like when she performed 7Run the World’.

5. Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, 2016

Beyonce, Chris Martin from Coldplay, and Bruno Mars

You simply cannot stop singing along when a Coldplay song starts to beat. But want to know what’s better? It is when Beyonce and Bruno Mars join the gang and vibe together. Played during a sunny morning day in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, the audience in the stadium formed a beautiful color pattern of the crowd. ‘Viva La Vida’ started first as the opening song and the crowd already jumping to sync the beat. After a few minutes, the mega-hit song ‘Uptown Funk’ was playing, followed by ‘Formation’ and ‘’Drunk in Love’ that was parts of Beyonce’s latest album at the time, ‘Lemonade’. This surely is one of the greatest setlists in Superbowl Half-time Show history.

4. The Weeknd, 2021

The Weeknd

Although he played solo in this performance without the company of other artists, he still absolutely rocks. A very nice tribute to his own career from ‘Starboy’ era to the electric, mesmerizing latest album ‘After Hours’. He sang with zero autotune, only a simple red coat and an expensive voice, we were already enthralled.

3. Lady Gaga, 2017

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga proved herself once again to be one of the greatest performers of our age. The winner of six Grammy trophies amazed through her action for 13 minutes without pause at the Reliant Stadium stage in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, February 5th evening local time. Gaga sang her worldwide hit songs like Poker Face, Born This Way, Just Dance, as well as Bad Romance. Shortly after she ended the act with the scene dropping his microphone at the end of the show, according to a report by US Magazine, he also received a number of congratulations from a number of celebrities for the performance.

2. J.Lo and Shakira, 2020

Shakira and J.Lo

This year’s Superbowl Half-time Show was hosted in Miami, Florida, which got the nickname of the ‘Capital City of Latin America due to its humongous Latina population. J. Lo and Shakira who have Latina blood in their skin agreed to do a show for the 2020 season. It took place in February, just a month after international lockdown, and some joked about it to be the official ‘Closing Ceremony’ to the world before lockdown. Shakira was doing everything from dancing to singing to playing the drum. J.Lo surprised us with an enigmatic pole dancing sequence. It was a heartfelt tribute to Superbowl as well as the Latina community.

1. Madonna, 2012


Supported by Bridgestone, it was the 46th telecasted show of the half-time rituals on February 5th. This was another grande performance done in the Superbowl Half-time show. ‘Vogue’ was chosen by Madonna to be the opening sequence. It was perfectly executed with ‘Like a Prayer’ as the closing song. Epic and regal are the words to describe the performance.

Which one is your favorite and who do you think should do the next Superbowl Half-time Show.

A writer, a thinker, and a movie/book enthusiast. Here Abisena shares his love and excitement for pop culture.

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