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Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Drag Race Italia Season 2 recap
Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5: Release Date

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5’s release date is here, and we are excited to discuss all the details. Here is a quick refresher on Drag Race Italia’s format before skipping to the Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5;s release date and Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5’s streaming details.

Here is a breakdown of the show’s structure. In contrast to the first season, Drag Race Italia’s second will have ten contestants. But neither the judge nor the presenter will change. This season will also include Priscilla as host and judge, in contrast to Chiara Francini and Tommaso Zorzi, who serves as the customary judges. Fans may expect a new plot and a few additional adjustments this time.

As you can expect, the first Drag Race episode was packed with excitement and drama. Viewers noticed a new look and a few other modifications in the first episode. Recently, the season experienced some changes. Due to its incredible and distinctive costumes and storyline, Drag Race Italia has already attracted much attention.

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What Happened In The Last Episode Of Drag Race Italia Season 2?

The mini-challenge for this week was a spinning-wheel test. Aura came out on top. The main issue had potential but completely failed to materialize. We saw that the show invited the Season 1 queens for an improv challenge. Each actor from this season was partnered with a contestant from the previous season for this challenge.

Drag Race Italia Season 2 recap

A still from Drag Race Italia Season 2.

A few props were provided, but they were required to develop their personas and strive to produce something fascinating. None of it seemed to work, and underutilized the Season 1 actors were giving the impression of a missed opportunity. The “The Runway” category zodiac signs are the focus of this week. Gioffré gave us Aquarius.

Gioffré had another gorgeous pose. She doesn’t alter her face as much as other drag queens do, and her clothing is very detailed, giving the impression that she leans more toward cosplay. It’s fascinating. Our Pisces came from Aura Eternal. It was a fairly understated nod to the zodiac but lacked some impact.

Skandalove, who The Shining inspired, brought us Gemini. Solid. Along with Gemini, Nehellenia gave us Alien as a tribute to her masculine half that was striving to show through her feminine façade. La Petite Noire was indeed a Taurus, but she opposed the bullfighting custom. The outfit itself was quite imaginative.

Panthera Virus was a gigantic scorpion representing Scorpio, but she was still dark, sexy, and cool and worked well on the runway. Another home run by La Diamond: she was a Taurus who served Cornwall as a medieval warrior. The winner was announced as Diamond, which once again felt appropriate. Panthera and Gioffré were located at the bottom.

Drag Race Italia Season 2 recap

The presenter of Drag Race Italia Season 2.

Aura had a fortunate escape. The song used for the lipsync was “Jem” by Cristina D’Avena. It’s a sweet song with a positive vibe. Gioffré caused mayhem. Panthera seemed to perform with more control, but I suppose she had exhausted her options. Panthera has been dropped, and Gioffré keeps going.

Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date

Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5 release date is Thursday, November 17, 2022. Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5 will air at 9:00 am in the US on Discovery+. International fans and viewers can stream Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5 at the following dates and times:

British Summer Time: 2.00 pm (November 17, 2022)
Indian Standard Time: 6.30 pm (November 17, 2022)
Singapore Standard Time: 9:00 am (November 17, 2022)
Philippines Standard Time:9.00 am (November 17, 2022)
Japanese Standard Time/Korean Standard time: 10.00 pm (November 17, 2022)
Australia Eastern Daylight Time: midnight (November 18, 2022)

Where To Stream Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5 Online?

Drag Race Italia Season 2 Episode 5 will be available for streaming on the channel WOW Plus. Subscriptions will vary from $5 a month to $50 a year. The $50 subscription pack is available with ad-free streaming.

But followers need to cross-check the times listed above to catch the forthcoming episode of season 2 of Drag race Italia when it goes live. So update your calendars, and remember to watch episode 5 of Drag Race Italia Season 2, Episode 3. Happy streaming!

Who Stands Where In the Ranking?

Aura has experienced both highs and lows so far. She might need more experience to carry her through to the finish line of this contest. Gioffré appears to have spent his formative years in New York before returning to Italy. She looks to be doing some alternative drag, and I’m not sure how it will work in this show. Good news thus far,

Diamond had a solid start, taking first place in Episode 1, then improved in Episode 2, took first place in Episode 3, and took first place in Episode 4. She’s energizing the front-runners. Black Little: There are many things to appreciate about Petite, and her runways appear to be her forte. She sings and dances.

Nehellenia appears to be the season’s storyteller; she provides interesting discussion points and is fascinating no matter what she does. Skandalove is making his long-awaited comeback to drag. She appears to be a contender because she is excellent at drag.

Panthera doesn’t appear to take herself too seriously and has a great sense of style. She is a strong performer on stage, but the acting difficulties were her downfall. In Episode 4, Gioffré defeated him in the lipsync. Obama had experienced a roller-coaster of emotions thus far, and she appeared to be becoming agitated with the judges’ criticisms.

Panthera triumphed in the lipsync contest before being eliminated in Week 3. Tanissa struggled to get comfortable in this competition; she lost to Obama in the lipsync battle and was ousted in Episode 2. The season’s top pork chop is Narciso. She struggled in Episode 1’s design task and lost to Panthera in the lipsync competition.

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