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10 Best Romance Manga In 2022 That You Might Love

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The romance genre is a curious one because many books, films, TV shows, and even video games often feature romances without necessarily fitting into the romance category. Romance manga, on the other hand, emphasizes romance. note: some of the manga is old, but it still is popular among the fans. Here, we will know the 10 Best Romance Manga in 2022.

In general, romance and shoujo manga have a lot in common. However, not all shoujo manga is about romance, and not all romance manga is shoujo. Well, people still like shonen no matter how old shoujo manga and shounen manga become. Like shonen manga caters to a predominantly male audience demographic (therefore dealing with traditionally masculine themes of martial arts, fantasy action, ninja, and superheroes), shoujo manga caters to predominantly female audiences. As a result, a huge part of shoujo manga is romance manga. However, not all of it is. Another popular type is BL manga, which stands for boys’ love manga (or yaoi manga). While we’re fans of a lot of queer manga, as well as yuri manga (girls’ love).

10 Best Romance Manga in 2022:

10. Horimiya

Miya and Hori are two people who have two different lives (although they are classmates) but have the same temperament inside. As their paths cross, they embark on an adventure that changes their lives forever. Horimiya, with its perfect story, characters, and on-point romance, leaves one speechless and was happens to be the favorite romance manga of all time for many avid readers.

10 Best Romance Manga in 2022


The main character of the manga, Kyouko Hori, has an ostentatious appearance but excels in academics, has a nice family character and is an entirely different person outside of school. When both her parents are working, Hori takes care of her younger brother.

9. Love so Life

High school student Shiharu, who works at a daycare, is invited to babysit two twins belonging to Seiji. After meeting his family and falling in love with him, she begins to learn his secrets.

10 Best Romance Manga in 2022

Love so Life

In our hearts, we feel bad for placing it at number nine, but for now, we hope you have discovered this. Love, so Life is more heartwarming, funny, and often makes you cry. I highly recommend it.

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8. Skip Beat

The story centers around Kyouko’s lover, who aspires to become an idol and works hard to make his dream a reality. Unfortunately for him, she isn’t as exciting as he wants her to be, and so Kyouko swears she will beat him in his own game.


Skip Beat

In revenge-based novels, romance is rarely present. But this one is a pleasant surprise for everyone. It has a standard plotline, interesting characters, and never disappoints while reading.

7. Kaichou-Wa Maid Sama

The most popular boy in school, Takumi Usui, discovered Misaki Ayuzawa’s secret when he learned she worked at a maid cafe. He could now manipulate her around his little finger as he became the student council’s president and was known as “Demon President” to the boys.

10 Best Romance Manga in 2022

Kaichou-Wa Maid Sama

Despite its weak foundation, Maid-Sama manga ensures a satisfying romance. With beautiful art, worthwhile characters, and entertaining moments, it is a perfect manga for those of you who like romances.

6. SQ: Begin W/Your Name

It seems that Sun Jing feels Qiu’s smile as warm sunshine every day, even though they study at adjacent schools. Love? The list continues with yet another odd and beautiful romance manga.

10 Best Romance Manga in 2022

SQ: Begin W/Your Name

Though it is a Yuri manga, it is also a must-read for romance fans. If you’re looking for a cute, fluffy, and heartwarming romance manga, then this one is for you.

5. Tonikaku Kawaii

The story of Tonikaku Kawaii centers on Nasa Yuzaki, who instantly falls in love with Tsukasa after their first encounter. When he confesses his love, she agrees but with one condition. In this fluffy romance manga, the main couple is adorable, and romance is simply off the charts.


Tonikaku Kawaii

They are off-the-charts cute, and their relationship is simply adorable. Their journey is filled with so many sweet, funny, and cute moments. As the manga begins, the main couple is awkward, but it is hilarious. There are tons of adorable moments in this fluffy manga. Anyone who enjoys fluffy romance mangas should give this one a read.

4. Kimi ni Todoke

Despite looking like the younger version of Sadako from the movie “Ring,” Sawako Kuronuma is overlooked by everyone in her class and even denies she knows Kazehaya. But when the hottie of the class becomes her only friend and becomes close to her, a page of romance comes into her life.


Kimi ni Todoke

Some people love this manga, and others find it dull. So it is up to you to decide which category you belong to. But one thing is certain; it is a fantastic romance manga.

3. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Shinomiya and Kaguya are elite members of the academy’s student council. They love each other, but they won’t tell each other because of pride. Instead, they try to force the other to confess. Does love win?

10 Best Romance Manga in 2022

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

The manga Kaguya-sama: Love is War is a highly regarded romance manga with a unique approach. With a mixture of comedy and romance, it is pure perfection. The manga also has an anime adaptation with the third season currently ongoing, and it has been successful in its adaptation.

2. A Bride’s Story

Otoyomegatari is set in a rural town in the 19th century, and Amira Hergal tries to marry Karluk through a distant village. But it seems like the marriage will not be easy. Initially, the artwork in this manga is marvelous, making the viewer feel in awe.

10 Best Romance Manga in 2022

A Bride’s Story

Throughout the story, the reader can see a slice of life from the points of view of the characters, and it gives an understanding of the culture of Asia and how traditional marriage practices were.

1. Given

As a guitarist, Ritsuka Uenoyama found that everything in his life grew dull, even his passion for playing the guitar. But after meeting vocalist Mafuyu Sato, everything changed for him. You can’t go wrong with Given if you are into boys’ love mangas.



If you are a fan of boys’ romance works, then this is your gold standard. It is a beautiful story with adorable characters that can make you feel sad, laugh, and happy at the same time.

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