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New K-drama, ‘She Would Never Know’ Releases New Stills From Episode 3.

She Would Never Know
She Would Never Know releases new preview still for episode 3.

The new K-drama in town, She Would Never Know, recently released some new shots from the upcoming episode. She Would Never Know already premiered two episodes. And is now the talk of the town. JTBC’s new show has kicked off with a great start, and we believe it will continue the same way. The new still from the show looks cozy, and things are definitely heating up. However, we are unsure if the fans already have a ship they want to sail as we are still in the infancy stage. But, whatever the situation is, we are sure that viewers will love the upcoming episodes.

“She Would Never Know” is a South Korean based on the novel of the same name by Elise. However, the story for the show is written by Chae Yoon. And the show is directed by Lee Dong Yoon (Fated To Love You, The Greatest Love). The show made its debut earlier this week and has already aired two episodes. Both the previous episodes introduced the viewers to the characters and also laid a foundation for the plot.

Now it’s time for the drama-drama that will include romance, heartbreak, and fluff. And honestly, neither we nor the fans can wait for it any longer. So, check out the new still down below.

She Would Never Know Episode 3 Picture Stills

The drama released the new still of a scene on January 23. In the pictures, we can see the leads of the drama spending some quality time together. It looks like the pair of senior and junior are working late at night in the office.
With a complete batch of Klar products lined up on the table, the two marketing employees are seen testing new products of the company. The two looked professional, especially Chae Hyun Seung, who is seen rocking a headband to keep his hair out of the way. However, while trying out new things, Yoon Song Ah gets flustered when Hyun Seung closes his eyes and moves his faces dangerously close to hers.

She Would Never Know

“She Would Never Know” episode 3 new stills.

We already know Chae Hyun Seung’s admiration for his senior. But, sadly, Song Ah does not reciprocate the feelings. Moreover, she has rejected him. However, she still finds herself in a confused state while spending time with Hyun Seung alone. Maybe, she’s having a change of heart. Or maybe she can’t also resist Che Hyun Seung’s captivating beauty.

She Would Never Know

“She Would Never Know” new still from episode 3.

“She Would Never Know” episode 3 will release on January 25, 2021. The show originally broadcasts on the JTBC network in South Korea.

She Would Never Know Plot

“She Would Never Know,” tells Chae Hyun Seung’s story, who falls for his senior colleague, Yoon Song Ah. The two work in the marketing section of the company. Hyun Seung is hopelessly in love with Song Ah; she is already dating their team manager, Lee Jae Shin. On the contrary, Jae Shin is set to marry the company director’s sister, Lee Hyo Jo.

So, yes, it is a web of entangled stories. But things have just started, and we will definitely get there.

By now, Chae Hyun Seung has joined the company, and he is working with Song Ah. Moreover, Song Ah also knows about her boyfriends’ upcoming marriage. And we are waiting to see how things will move forward in the next episode.

She Would Never Know

“She Would Never Know” cast.

The show stars Woo Jin-Ah (Rain or Shine, Life). She plays Yoon Song Ah. Ro Woon (Extraordinary you) is playing Chae Hyun Seung, Song Ah’s young charming, and dashing colleague. Lee Hyun Wook (No Tomorrow, The Good Detective) and Lee Joo Bin (The Tale Of Nokdu, Mr. Sunshine) also appear on the show. They play Lee Jae Shin and Lee Hyo Jo. 

You can watch Extraordinary You, Life, The tale Of Nokdu, and The Good Detective on Netflix here.


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