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5 Warriors Who Got The Best Shot In Eliminating Jiren

First thing first, I want to emphasize “eliminate”, not “beat” because in Jiren’s state right now, he is undeniably unbeatable. Unless Goku would have the power of Ultra Instinct again, we would never see anyone who can take Jiren one on one without being the underdog. And this is just my opinion so please take all your flamethrowers away, thank you.

This list is based on two things: power and luck. You cannot include logic in this list because Jiren is far beyond our minds can comprehend. I am no Akira Toriyama but I’ll do my best to make this more Dragon Ball Super-esque than opinion.

5. Gohan

Gohan, who is a capable warrior like his father, is at the end of my list. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when it comes to Gohan’s character. Compared to his father, who becomes more powerful when pushed back in a corner, Gohan becomes more powerful when he is in a state of pure rage.

What he got in the two factors I consider is power. His Mystic Form is not really that weak because he can fight with characters who we believed to be stronger than him like Super Saiyan Blue Goku. And if there is something that can make it all more convincing, if Gohan takes Jiren in a better timing (tired or heavily damaged), Gohan could pull the victory for Universe 7.

4. Vegeta

All Vegeta fans are hoping that Vegeta will have something relevant to do on Tournament of Power other than being the center of theories. What Vegeta has is power and luck, with luck having a stronger effect than power. We all know that Vegeta got less raw power compared to Goku and Hit. But while Goku was running around trying to beat enemies, Vegeta has been inside the Mafuba Jar and almost got eliminated.

He was in trouble early on, with Bota-Magetta teaming up with him and being constantly bothered by Ribrianne throughout the tournament. But that big forehead and his lucky gloves are saving him all the time. In addition, he still has options, to use his secret ROSAT technique or to fuse with Goku to bring out Gogeta. It is hard to know what would happen (or if both things would happen) but things will escalate quickly for Vegeta after that.

3. Frieza

Frieza got both the factors that I consider, power and luck, and in addition, the wit to match his evilness. He got perfect plans and can execute it in the greatest timing, like a predator and his prey. And because of this, I can’t even tell if Jiren will be able to predict Frieza’s plans.

How lucky might Frieza be? Kinda lucky if you ask me. The thing about Frieza is his luck with opportunities to gain an advantage. I think that Frieza meeting Frost in the Tournament of Power is a pure luck for Universe 7 ice-jin. Not because he can beat the hell out of Frost and also exact revenge in Universe 7, but because of Frost, he can set up his stage for the final moment of his plans. If you ask me, he can get opportunities for eliminating Jiren and I think it will have an element of surprise, as always.

2. Ribrianne

Before you even got your Kamehamehas thrown on me, hear me out. I will ask you one question, would you rather see this person stay in the tournament of power for an important role later on or just for our annoyment? I think Akira Toriyama still did not decide to push the eject button for Ribrianne because she has something to do with Jiren.

Ribrianne got a lot of luck in the Tournament of Power. Her luck is mainly because no one doesn’t really take a time to fight her seriously. I’ll root for Vegeta to eliminate her out.

1. Goku

Goku got the power, the luck, and his new unleashed potential. Remember the first time he got Super Saiyan God? His body adapted to that power that he was able to fight against Beerus even in his Super Saiyan form. And I noticed something about this picture here. Does this look familiar to you? Yep, this is the first appearance of Ultra Instinct form.

I think he can transform into that form one more time and will look like this. There is a red aura which was never shown on the last episode. I kinda hope that we will see this form one more time in the tournament of power.

ultra instinct jiren

I forgot to mention to Hit but according to latest news *don’t read further if you don’t wanna get spoiled* Hit is going to get eliminated.

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Written by Keira Alexandria

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