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5 Song Joong Ki’s Drama To Watch After Vincenzo

5 song joong ki dramas
South Korean actor Song Joong Ki

5 Song Joong Ki’s Work to overcome the pain of Vincenzo’s finale is an interesting way to fade out the current sorrow of the completion of Vincenzo. The drama, Vincenzo was everyone’s favorite and much recently, the drama came to an end. Song Joong Ki was in the lead role in the drama. The massive fan following that Song Joong Ki holds, we all are quite aware of it. Where can we see Him next? and if we are badly missing him, what are the dramas or the movies of Soong Joong Ki that can make us miss him a little less. So, as of now, we all agree on one fact that we are missing the drama and the main lead of the drama Vincenzo. Song Joong Ki is the lead hero of the drama missed by his fans worldwide onscreen.

We desperately used to wait every week for the release of its episodes. And now that the drama has finally concluded, we want to see Soong Joong Ki back on screen. Of course, he will come back with his next project very soon. But until then, we can also watch Song Joong Ki’s past projects that are equally interesting. Before Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki appeared in a lot of projects before and all were massive hits. Today we are gonna take a peek at the past dramas or works of Song Joong Ki that he appeared on before featuring on Vincenzo. So, it seems like there is a solution after all, to overcome the pain of Vincenzo’s finale. So, let us get started and look at some amazing works of  Song Joong Ki.

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If you are badly missing Song Joong Ki over the competition of his drama. Don’t worry, here is a solution for you. Below are stated 5 best  Song Joong Ki works for you.

Descendants Of The Sun

Song Joong Ki in descendanst of the sun

Song Joong Ki’s drama Descendants of the sun

The first project of song Joong Ki that we have on the pour list is non-other than the masterpiece and extremely hit drama, descendants of the sun. Descendants of the sun is a project of Song Joong Ki that is great and unforgettable. The ones who have watched it, a maximum of them have either re-watched it or wanna watch it again. So, of course, descendants of the sun make it to the top list of works by Soong Joong Ki. The drama was released back in 2016 and to date remains one of the most memorable and hit dramas over entire South Korea.

Descendants of the sun have a total of 16 episodes and deal with the lovely relationship between a soldier and a doctor. The drama received numerous awards and made Song Joong ki an international figure overall. I know most of you must have already seen it. But the drama is evergreen and it always feels great to re-watch it every time.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Song Joong Ki top 5 drama

Song Joong Ki in drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Next on the line, we have Sungkyunkwan Scandal. This drama was released back in 2010 and is said to be one of the important works of Song Jong Ki. This drama established a high reputation for him in the entertaining industry. The drama has a total of 20 episodes. And deals with the genre of historical comedy. It is a light drama that is absolutely fun to watch. The drama has four main characters and deals with the fun and amazing life of the four people.

The Innocent Man

Song Joong Ki top 5 projects

Song Joong Ki in the drama innocent man

Next in line, we have The Innocent Man. This drama was released in 2012 and was also a hit. After which he went to serve in the military. The Innocent Man melodrama depicts the story of a man who was betrayed by the love of his life. On his way to revenge, he finds true love again. Overall the drama is great and a good watch.

Arthdal Chronicles

Song Joong Ki top 5 prjects to overcome the pain of vincenzo

Song Joong Ki in the drama Arthdal Chronicles

Next in line, we have Arthdal Chronicles. The drama was released in 2019 and has been even renewed for a second season. The historical, romance and fantasy drama is extremely popular and was also a massive hit even in the U.S. The plot of the drama deals with the inhabitants of the ancient city of Arthdal. The drama also streams on Netflix and is a great watch overall.

Space Sweepers

top 5 projects of Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki in the Korean movie Space sweepers

On the very last, we have a recent release of Soong Joon Ki. The movie Space Sweepers. Space Sweepers was released on 5th February 2021 and is considered the first Korean space blockbuster. The movie is an action science fiction and also streams on Netflix. The story deals with The crew of the junk collectorship in the year 2092. The competition between the other junk collector is also high. With the discovery of a humanoid robot named Dorothy, their business gets at risk. What happens next is all there in the movie streaming on Netflix.

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