5 Best Anime Shows Worth Your Time In Spring 2018

So 2018 really has been a packed year for anime viewers, with shows like Stein’s Gate, Food wars, My Hero Academia getting new seasons everyone’s watch list is probably overflown already…but here are a few shows to add to your watchlist that you’ll definitely enjoy. DO NOTE that I won’t be mentioning any top-tier shows that are already hyped…basically recommending something like Darling in FranXX isn’t something I’d be doing in this article. Let’s start with my best-recommended list of 5 Best Anime Shows Worth Your Time In Spring 2018.

5 Best Anime Shows Worth Your Time In Spring 2018


Hinamatsuri 1


” Hina, A young girl with vast supernatural powers appears out of nowhere inside a strange capsule that lands straight on Nitta’s head. Despite being a yakuza, Nitta is a noble and kindhearted man that ends up acting as a surrogate father for Hina against his will after considering the fact that she could kill him if she wanted to. A new chapter in life for both Nitta and Hina has just begun “

Straight off raw humor with great voice acting and vivid characters…hinamatsuri is my personal favorite comedy this season…really entertaining show…even the side characters are given space for development and are not simply ignored which the show totally could’ve but chose not to….Highly recommended

Megalo Box

 Megalo Box poster


“Junk Dog participates in fixed matches in underground boxing to survive. questioning his way of living he is simply tired of throwing matches he could effortlessly win. Enters Yuri, the world Megalo boxing champion who ends up in a ring against JD where both finally relive the thrill  to brawl without any shackles”

A gallant boxing anime with a cyberpunk element shuffled in…a strong contender of top anime of the season according to me…the animation and art style of this show is reminiscent to the late 90s shows which are really commendable and bold considering how cranky people get if about artistic experiments these days …however this is no experiment…the direction, the symbolism the progression of the plot is a clear indication that the creators clearly know their thing…Did I forgot to mention the OSTs are absolutely marvelous.

Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy 1


” Sugimoto, a survivor of the Russo-Japanese war of the Meiji era. also known as “Sugimoto the Immortal”, is on a hunt seeking the gold rush that will help him fulfill a deceased comrade’s wish to save his widowed wife. Teaming up with an Ainu girl who saves his life, they set on a journey racing against the criminals that also in pursuit of gold.”

A show about treasure hunting…yeah, that is actually quite refreshing (ruling out one piece of the discussion). The art style in this one is also worth commending although the CGI (I personally hate bad CGI ) caught me off-guard, I didn’t really bother me that much considering the plot of the show is really interesting…do give it a try

It’s Difficult To Love An Otaku

its difficult to love an otaku


“An otaku and a fujoshi meet again since middle school now as colleagues working in the same company. After hanging out a few times, they end up  dating, however, only time will tell whether this odd couple will end up in a successful relationship”

A show based on the idea of two otakus falling in love… ”Recommendation of an MMO junkie 2.0” ? not really, The show has a different plot point and story to drive it… well-written characters and its fun to see them interact with each other…even for someone not as invested in romantic genre…it is somehow fun to watch the show and compare your own love life with…if you have one… well, we still have a splendid imagination as Otakus right?…

Hisone to Miso-tanHisone to maso tan


“Hisone Amakasu decided to join the ‘Airel Self-Defense Force’, to hopefully prevent her awkward interactions with people. a strange turn of event leads her to a discovery of  “OTF” dragon that chooses Hisone as it’s pilot. “

EVER SEEN A DRAGON TURN INTO A FIGHTER JET?…worry not, this show’s got you covered…A really unique show itself but the humor is what truly is the selling factor when it boils down to how entertaining the show is….the art style may appear childish but it strangely enhances the comedy scenes and makes them more impactful…another good comedy this season along with Hinamatsuri (I’m personally biased towards Hinamatsuri as of now)

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