Who Is Jamal Murray’s Partner? The NBA Player’s Love Interest

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Who Is Jamal Murray's Partner?
Jamal Murray: Denver Nuggets' shooting guard (Credit: CBC)

Want to know who Jamal Murray’s partner is? Yes, we are talking about the NBA player whose historic shooting in the conference finals elevated his team. Keeping that aside, fans are lately wondering if Jamal’s love life is happening enough, just like his basketball career. What do you think? Is he taken? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Jamal Murray’s prominence in the sports industry. 

Jamal Murray is doing wonders, playing for the Denver Nuggets since 2016. Hailing from Kitchener, Ontario, he serves as the shooting guard. Born in 1997, this year, he turned 26 years old. Not to forget to mention, Jamal followed his passion for basketball sport, and even played at college, more precisely for Kentucky. 

When it comes to Jamal’s achievements, he won a silver medal in 2017 at the Pan American Games. He represented Canada. In the same year, he made it to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team. 

Coming back to Jamal Murray’s personal life, some of his fans are very convinced that he is taken. That’s mainly because of his age. He is pretty young. What do you think of his relationship status? Well, the NBA player has always tried to keep his love life details away from the media. But it didn’t stay like that. A private video of him and his partner got leaked and caused enough scandal. Now, the question is- who is that lady? If you are looking for who Jamal Murray’s partner is, here is what we know.

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Jamal Murray’s Partner: Who Is She?

Talking about Jamal Murray’s partner, she is named Harper Hempel. Before learning her identity, let’s have a brief look at the scandal. What happened? 

Who Is Jamal Murray's Partner?
Jamal Murray’s partner: Harper Hempel (Credit: Instagram)

Back in March 2020, from Jamal Murray’s Instagram account, a video was uploaded. It was their intimacy video. As the NBA player realized what happened, both deleted their Instagram accounts and apologized to their fans on Twitter. He even shared that his account was hacked, and it was not him who posted the video. Well, who would do that? It’s very much evident that Jamal and Harper are a long-time couple. 

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Moving on with Jamal Murray’s partner, Harper Hempel, is a former volleyball player. So, it’s the love for the sport that attracted and made them come to each other. Besides that, photography is also something that she enjoys. Not to forget to mention, Harper is also a marketing consultant, running a firm that goes by the name- Harper Hempel Photography. Jamal Murray’s partner hails from Union, Kentucky. 

Jamal Murray met Harper Hempel at the University of Kentucky. That’s where both studied. When it comes to her work, Harper also works at Fact & Fiction as the social media community manager. Did you know this? 

Who Is Jamal Murray's Partner?
Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel (Credit: The Netline)

After the scandal, Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel have become much more private. They hardly post pictures that highlight their relationship. So, it seems like both have become much more conscious. That’s not bad, though. 

Some fans have been speculating if Jamal Murray is married. Well, No! The Denver Nuggets player has not yet shared the news of her family planning. Also, no sign proves him to be already hitched. Right now, Jamal is focusing on his sports career, and that’s pretty much okay! Well, it’s important too. Harper appears to be a very much supportive partner. 

Best Wishes to Jamal Murray for the upcoming days of his life. You may give this NBA player a following on his Instagram account for more updates. It’s just the beginning of his career. He is young enough and is set ro explore more in the sports field. 

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