Did Carson and Adrien Breakup? The Basketball Players

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Adrien Nunez

Adrien Nunez, the famous men’s basketball player, was born on May 14, 1999, in the city of Manhattan, New York. He completed his higher education and majored in the subject of general education at the University of Michigan in the College of Literature, Science, and Arts (LSA). He was very much involved in athletics from his early school days and was selected to play at the interschool and state level. He started his career as an athlete from the year 2018 and continues till the present day.

On the other hand, Carson Roney, the famous social media influencer who is best known for her TikTok videos and pranks on her YouTube channel, was born on January 26, 1998, in Waverly, Ohio, USA. She had completed her schooling at Eastern Pike High School and her higher education at Shawnee University. Roney too had an interest in basketball and got herself enrolled in it during her university days at Shawnee University.

Nunez And Roney’s Dating And Personal Life:

Well as known about Nunez and Roney, the famous TikTok couple started dating in May in the year 2020 when they reunited at a conference. They first met in the year 2018 when Adrien went to Michigan for some educational purposes. Since both of them shared similar bonds they fell for each other and soon became one of the most liked couples of the social media world.

The two also started an YouTube channel as “Carson and Adrien” ‘@carsonandadrien’ in which the couple posts funny videos, their daily life vlogs, their pranks with each other and their friends and fashion videos also. Since Roney is an Instagram influencer she is seen putting up more fashion reels and posts.

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Carson Roney (left) with Adrien Nunez (right)
Carson Roney (left) with Adrien Nunez (right)

The couple together has a really good fan base and one of the most followed and searched couples on TikTok with a following of 6 million followers. The couple together promoted many famous bands such as ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Candy Crush’, ‘Spotify’ and many more.

The two are often seen together putting up cute couple posts on their Instagram and their YouTube channel, as well as seen hanging out together in the public by social media. The two even share similar interests in basketball and put up content on their channel related to it.

Nunez And Roney’s Career:

Carson Roney is a basketball player as well as a social media influencer. She posts pictures in fashionable clothes promoting certain pages and designs and also posts about basketball on her Instagram account.

Along with this, when she was in her university days, she was very interested in basketball and got herself enrolled in the Shawnee University and played there as a freshman, junior and senior in the club.

Carson Roney
Carson Roney

While on the other side, Adrien Nunez is a known and famous basketball player and is known for his long-range shooting. He started playing as a freshman, junior, then senior, and now in the advanced state.

Besides playing, he has a YouTube channel with his girlfriend Roney, and together make videos on TikTok and YouTube, posting couple videos and prank videos along with many other videos.

What Happened To The Couple?

Well, everything seemed to be going on very well between Roney and Nunez together for the past year since their relationship, and their fans do really ship them together always. They are the most followed and searched couple on TikTok.

The couple had always been the center of attention for many young people who are a fan of theirs. They have been really close to each other and have always seen sharing their moments with each other on social media as well as in public.

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Adrien Nunez
Adrien Nunez

As things were running smooth and people really liked them, there came rumors about the couple, Roney and Nunez breaking up and separating ways apart. Well after this rumor we are all enthusiastic to know if they really broke up.

Did The Couple Really Break Up?

The former couple, who dated back from the year 2020 and are so much in love, were heard to be splitting their ways. The couple posted a video on their YouTube channel, which is named as ‘carson and adrien’, stating that they are breaking up.

Adrien Nunez (right) with girlfriend Carson Roney (left)
Adrien Nunez (right) with girlfriend Carson Roney (left)

Well, later it was found out that it was just a prank video and nothing of such kind was real as they together decided to prank their friends with this type of news. Good news for the fans who want the couple to be always together.

So Roney and Nunez are still together as couples and dating, and the rumors about their breakup were merely a prank that was performed by them.

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