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Black Clover: All The Dark Triad Members: Explained

Dark Triad Members from Black Clover: Explained

Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover is one of the modern Shonen gems.  Initially, the anime did receive some slack for its generic Shonen elements. But soon, this changed as the arcs became much mysterious and based on symbolism. The first major saga revolved around the story surrounding the elves and the Eye of the Midnight Sun. But as it reached its end, we were introduced to some newer concepts. Previously, we were made to believe that Asta was the only character in the Black Clover Universe who was devil possessed. But, since the Elf Reincarnation arc, the story has shifted progressing towards devils. This has led to the introduction of more devil-possessed humans.

Spoilers Ahead

Now, entering the Spade Kingdom arc, we have been introduced to the Zogratis siblings. They seem to be the primary antagonist for the ongoing arc. Therefore to get you a better idea about them, this article will cover The Dark Triad in Black Clover. While also giving information on each of the members, their devils, and their abilities.

What is the Dark Triad?

House Grinberryall

Long ago, the Spade Kingdom was peacefully ruled over by the House Grinberryall. The rulers, Lord Ciel and Lady Loyce had a son, Yuno. Only sometime after his birth, the Zogratis family, three high-ranking spade soldiers returned back from a mission. They seemed quite suspicious to the Grinberryalls until they finally started attacking the King and the Royal Family. In this process, they overthrew the rulers of the Spade Kingdom, thus taking the kingdom for themselves. But during this, as a last hope for the Spade Kingdom, a captain of the royal guard carried the royal heir across the neutral zone. This was how Yuno got to the church in Hage Village of the Clover Kingdom.

After many years, the guard’s son, Ralph comes back to get Yuno back to Kingdom so that the kingdom can finally be saved.

The anime finally introduced all the three members of the Dark Triad namely Dante, Vanica, and Zenon. All three of them are devil-possessed and now rule over the Spade King. They are accompanied by their high-ranking devils – Lucifero, Megicula, and Zenon’s devil (whose name is still unknown).

Even though their real intentions are quite obscure, their plan is well known. The Dark Triad is attempting to open the gateway between the human and devil world. Thus let all the devils out which would help them rule over the world alongside their high-ranking devils. For this, they require the Tree of Qliphoth, which will activate the gateway. To acquire the Tree of Qliphoth, they must make use of World Tree Magic and Dark Magic. The two know users of these magic attributes are Clover Kingdom’s William Vangeance and Yami Sukehiro. So, they wait in order to gain better control over their devil powers to finally make the move on them.

1. Dante

Dark Triad Members from Black Clover: Explained

Dark Triad Member, Dante

Dante is the leader of the Dark Triad and one of the rulers of the Spade kingdom. He is also the strongest member of the Dark Triad and is currently possessed by the devil Lucifero. He was previously a Spade Kingdom soldier who was soon tired of life. Therefore he set forward to satisfy his own malice.

I. Dante’s Magic

Dante is a user of the arcane stage: Body Magic. Even though he despises it, this ability makes him menacing. He is calm and collected and also has crazy hand-to-hand combat skills. Through his body magic, he can manipulate his body tissues allowing him to heal or repair any injured part of his body. He is even able to distort his body to an extent where he can even form additional limbs. In his fight against Yami Sukehiro, he is gravely injured with his whole torso slashed. But he is instantly able to get back to normal using rapid-regeneration. This magic also prevents him from dying as his body fails to deteriorate over time practically making him immortal.

II. Lucifero

Dark Triad Members from Black Clover: Explained


Dante is possessed by the highest-ranking devil in existence, Lucifero. Lucifero is the Devil King and makes use of the Gravity Magic. When Dante makes use of this magic, he can manipulate gravity at his will. He is able to levitate himself while also controlling other people and an object’s motion. Moreover, he can even immobilize his opponents by exerting much gravity upon them. Something very interesting about Lucifero is how unlike other devils who have two wings and two horns, he has four wings and four horns.

Devil Possession: Dante was previously able to draw up to 80 % of the Devil’s power. But, after the first gate to the underworld opened, he is able to draw 100% of the Devil’s power.

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2. Vanica

Dark Triad Members from Black Clover: Explained

Dark Triad Member, Vanica

Vanica is a member of the Dark Triad and one of the rulers of the Spade Kingdom. She is the second strongest member of the Dark Triad and is possessed by the cursed devil, Megicula. Unlike her siblings, she has a much barbaric personality and is only willing to fight against strong opponents while considering the rest as garbage. She had previously visited the Heart Kingdom where she cursed Queen Lolopechka.

I. Vanica’s Magic

Vanica is a user of the arcane stage: Blood magic. Her magic, similar to the Witch Queen’s, allows her to create and manipulate blood at her will. She can manipulate them to form part of their limbs or even weapons thus giving her an upper hand in close range combat. She also has an ability called Red Beast. This ability allows her to create a giant monster made of blood. She uses this to dispose of Noelle’s strongest spell, Sea Dragon’s Roar without much effort.

II. Megicula


Vanica is possessed by the origin of all curses, the high-ranking devil, Megicula. She being devil-possessed can make use of Megicula’s Curse Warding Magic. Through which she can place different forms of curses on people. Her curses are known to be incurable considering how they led to the death of Acier Silva. She is even able to cast a long-lasting spell killing the target over time. This can be seen by the active curse on Lolopechka, making her bound to die in six months if the curse isn’t lifted by then. Due to a combination of Vanica’s blood magic and Megicula’s Curse Magic, she can place a resurrection spell on people. Through which they stay immortal thus being undead as long as Vanica is alive.

Devil Possession: Vanica was previously able to draw up to 70% of the Devil’s power. But, after the first gate to the underworld opened, she is able to draw 100% of the Devil’s power.

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3. Zenon

Dark Triad Members from Black Clover: Explained

Dark Triad Member, Zenon

Zenon is a member of the Dark Triad and one of the rulers of the Spade Kingdom. As of now, not much has been revealed about the devil he has been possessed by. Zenon along with his siblings overthrew the Grinberryalls to rule over the Spade Kingdom. Years later, he heads to the Diamond Kingdom where he fights against the Shining Generals defeating them with ease. Vanessa, Magna, and Luck witness this event, and thus was the first time Luck was scared enough to instinctively refuse to fight someone.

I. Zenon’s Magic

Zenon is a user of the arcane stage: Bone Magic. His magic is one that is capable of subduing an entire army. His bone magic allows him to create and manipulate bones at his will. He can manipulate his bones to form various shapes, but he chooses to give them a spear-like shape. Thus enabling him to skewer his opponents to death. He can even unleash massive tangles of bones to attack and defend against a large number of opponents. The bones even have the regenerative ability which means they can heal why they are being destroyed giving an everlasting armor. Moreover, he can even craft or mold his bones into weapons such as swords or spears to wield them by hand.

II. Zenon’s Devil Magic

Unnamed Devil

Zenon like his siblings is possessed by a high-ranking devil but unfortunately, he is unnamed till now. Zenon, while being Devil possessed can use Spatial Magic. He manipulates the elements of space itself to entrap magic spells and opponents in spatial cubes. He can even negate their magical properties while also being able to create portals for teleportation.

Devil Possession: Zenon was previously able to draw up to 80% of the Devil’s power. But, after the first gate to the underworld opened, he is able to draw 100% of the Devil’s power.

You can read Black Clover Manga on Viz and watch the anime on Crunchyroll.

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