Moka Akashiya

Best Anime Vampire Girls Of All Time

Some hundred years ago the genre of Gothicism appeared at the height of literary romanticism, entrancing people from all walks of life into the deepest night. It seems like people are attracted to the Dark and Gothic stuff to this day this obsession has never really left the human being. This is prevalent in many things, including anime, which features very near to the dark storeys and characters. Indeed, features of the dark have become very sexy with many of them deconstructed in anime. Therefore, Anime is full of demons with sweethearts and dark girls who only want true love.

1. Agatha

Agatha Sirius the Jaeger

In 1930, a group of vampire hunters known as the Jaegers travelled to Japan to battle the emerging vampires. Whereas the main objective of Jaeger is to find vampires, they are also searching for the arc of Sirius, a mystical object. One of the Jaegers, named Yuliy, devoted his life after his village was destroyed to kill all the vampires. In its war against the vampires that stalk the planet, Sirius the Jaeger follows Yuily and Jaeger ‘s storey. Agatha is a lengthy king, but Agatha is very successful in finding the Ark of Sirius as opposed to other Royal Vampires. With more than a century of experience, Agatha is major support in the war against Jaegers by the vampires. She has odd powers such as her extended razor-shape nails but her forces are like a traditional Vampire with supernatural strength and agility. Though Agatha has nothing remarkable about her and doesn’t get a lot of time on the computer.

2. Moka Akashiya

Moka Akashiya Rosario + Vampire

The Yokai Private Academy grad, Moka. She’s the first Tsukune to encounter when he settles on the monster kingdom first. Moka’s real shape is a vampire and she’s very kind and nice. After sucking his blood, she likes Tsukune and seems addicted to this. The cause of Moka’s rosary is her “inner self.” When her rosary is removed (Tsukune is, to date, the only one capable of removing it), she unlocks the seal that was preserving her true existence. There are some physical changes that mean her transformation into a super vampire. Her hair is silver, her eyes become slit, and a flash of light is matching. Moka’s inner personality rises to the surface more essential than any superficial transition. Call and blutty, “inner” Moka really isn’t the “outer” Moka, except to remind Tsukune to “be kind to the other Moka.” In fact, it’s a whole different entity.

3. Rima Toya

Rima Toya

Rima has the natural pale creamy skin tone and a beautifully lovely look, with straight, orange hair and two pigtails with black hair ribbons, where it falls in layered gold locks just under her shoulders. Like most students of the Night Class and Vampire. The one thing left behind is a slim girl with a completely proportioned body that falls just above her eyes and a shorter hair on the side of her chest, wide blue eyes (similar to a cerulean colour). A few years after Yuki Kuran gave birth to Kaname Kuran’s child in the ePilogue, Rima’s hair is more bangy rather than choppy, but no longer bangy.

4. Redcurrant

Chitose Hatori lived without friends or family to chat about a loneliness life. With nowhere to go, Chitose is auctioned off and sold to Elias Ainsworth, a strange, robbed man. Elias informs Chitose he’s a magus and utilises his abilities to get them to his cottage in England. Chitose encounters all manner of strange and magical animals. Chitose starts her life as an apprentice of Elias with a place she can finally call home. A little different is the first vampire girl on our list. Without dreaming of a second time, Redcurrant spent her life drinking men’s blood. She likes artistic people and just wants to suck their blood. She meets a man named Joel when we see Redcurrant, and we follow her tragical tale. In comparison to everything she has seen before, she becomes very close to him and develops a bond with him. For years Redcurrant stuck with him, sucking his life force away unknowingly and killing him.+

5. Almaria

Almaria from Ange Vierge

One day, five separate worlds are opening mystical portals in Hairou. The opening of the doors has brought mystical powers for teenage girls everywhere. These portals, unfortunately, also brought with them monsters which jeopardised the world. A school is being established on the island of Seiran to train girls and provide them with a place to strengthen its power to stop these monsters. Ange Vierge follows a group of girls who collectively ban the planet Almaria comes from the Black World and has the capacity to produce blood weapons. But Almaria is really kind and concerned for the other girls around her. she’s a bit cocky. Almaria’s vampire background is humiliating and her desire to drink blood doesn’t really like it. Almaria also looks like the part of Gothic style along with her vampire powers and she has even a pair of bat wings.

6. Otogiri

Otogiri from Servamp

Mahiru Shirota ensured that he was able to live a dull and peculiar life. His way was always to escape trouble. Mahiru sees a stray cat when he walks from school and decides to support him, thinking that it is less trouble than leaving him on the lane. Mahiru soon discovered however that taking the cat home would bring far more problems than he expected. Kuro the cat is a vampire who just likes to laze all day. After showing Mahiru his human form, Kuro told him he would leave in the morning, but Mahiru and Kuro were forced to contract, thanks to the arrival of some deadly creatures. Mahiru and Kuro are compelled to fight against other vampires that exist in the city together by the contract that ties them together. While Otogiri is not as powerful as the others around her, with her brain she makes it more than fine. Otogiri is a stoic girl who deals with Tsubaki.

7. Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Yggdrasil’s online game just ended. Momonga decides to log in for one last time to celebrate the game he loves and enjoy the game’s last moments. When Momonga learns that he can not log out of the game, things take an surprising turn. Momonga learns that he was taken without a way out into his avatar ‘s body. He soon adapts to the new setting and agrees to change his name in honour of his former guild, Ainz Ooal Gown. As the Superior of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz strives to make the most of his time in this new world. Shalltear was originally created by Peroroncino and became one of the loyal Ainz allies. Shalltear is extremely strong despite its delicate nature, and is able to follow any orders Ainz gave to her easily. Shalltear will become her true form of a vampire, giving her tremendous power whenever possible. Shalltear is the full package and has every vampire girl you want.

8. Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria

Hellsing follows the anti-heroic vampire, Alucard, and Seras Victoria, a girl-turning police vampire, two vampires hired by the Hellsing Groups, England, the vampire-extermination party. They discover a new species of vampires starting to appear slowly but gradually, through their active service. The anime incarnation of the Hellsing legend, which was largely unlike manga, focuses on providing a visceral and visual spectacle with a love of graphic action, design, and sexual appeal. Few anime vampires, other than Seras Victoria, Alucard’s legendary trusted partner, can encapsulate all these qualities. In particular, a certain case, which was first reserved to the use of its power, caused it to unleash its glory. Seras is actually much more inspired than in the original manga in this anime adaptation and is the subject rather than its more illustrious companion Alucard in several respects.

9. Shinobu Oshino

Shinobu Oshino

Koyomi Araragi, a high school student, will continue to be a human after a female vampire has been encountered thanks to Meme Oshino. After the incident, however, Koyomi continues to meet girls who are linked to the apparition. Nothing weights Hitagi Senjougahara. The left arm of Suruga Kanbaru is like a monkey’s arm. The curses of her classmates plagued Nadeko Sengoku. The young girl Mayoi Hachikuji, who doesn’t find her way home no matter how hard they try. With the assistance of Meme Oshino as well as her constant companion, the demure and sweet young girl Sinobu Oshino, Koyomi, Nice Guy finally helps every girl to solve her dilemma. But Shinobu Oshino definitely isn’t everything she looks like. It was formerly the mighty 500-year-old vampire of Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion, a royal bloodline called Heart-Under-Blade. She completely justifies the impressive name and title in terms of her strength.

10. Krul “Vampire Queen” Tepes

Krul “Vampire Queen” Tepes

Krul Tepes is Japan’s third vampire progenitor and vampire queen. Mikaela Hyakuya has been transformed into a vampire by her. As a witch, she is much stronger than a human and as a creator of vampires, she can easily defy other vampires. She sees humans as nothing but pets, just as all other vampires (excluding Mikaela). She sees them as stupid and endless beings that do everything to benefit themselves. When Ferid Bathory destroys the orphans of the Hyakuya Sect, she hides carefully and covers her like a flock, she is disturbed by the fatality of the seraph, allowing another to flee. Hers is amazed. She never says a word and shows little interest in orphans. By converting him into a vampire, she saves Mika’s life against his will, but this seems to have been done for her own personal best. It refuses to drink the blood of men, and in return, it gives it its blood.

11. Arcueid Brunestud

Arcueid Brunestud

The White Princess of the Real Ancestors is Arcueid Brunestud. Brunestud ‘s name has been given to the True Ancestors who were able to show Brunestud, the Millennium Palace, and was compared to being the royal vampire family, even though it is not absolutely true. The True Age was a race of beings that were copied from TYPE-MOON, the moon’s last being often referred to as the Crimson Moon. The earth had no system of defence against mankind long ago, nothing to keep them under control. Therefore the Crimson’s Moon has come down to enable the world to become a race of ultimate beings, which means they are the ‘consciousness of the planet.’ True Ancestors are like earthquakes and typhoons rather than individuals as ‘acts, though evil and unjustifiable,’ come to them as natural (the Arcueid and other True Ancestors).

12. Saya Otonashi

Saya Otonashi from Blood +

Blood+ is the storey of a secret, centuries-long war. This dispute has two main classes. The first is made up of Chiropterane monsters who can transform their presence into human beings. Indeed, they are immortals who feed on the life’s blood. The second group is named “Red Shield,” an organisation created to track down and exterminate these monsters. This is an obvious battle between two shifts in the mythology of vampires. Otonashi Saya is a secondary school girl who lives with her family in harmony. The only issue here is that she has little more than last year’s memory of her past, but a destiny occurrence will lead to her memories and her vampire identity being restored. Saya undergoes a dramatic transformation during the 50 episode Blood+ series from a normal high school student with regular aspirations into a potent vampire hunter with drive and endlessness.

13. Youko Shiragami from Actually I Am…

Youko Shiragami from Actually I Am…

Youko’s a half-vampire. Shiragami Yuk. Her dad is a vampire, her mom a human. Youko goes to a human school, provided she is a vampire and has to be kept hidden. However, Kuromine Asahi, who wanted to confess to her his love and saw Youko unfold her winges in a vacant classroom, had her secret revealed. Youko has such traits as wings and long dogs as a vampire. You can conceal your wings easily, but you can’t do anything with your canines, so you won’t expose your teeth as much as you can at school. Youko’s weak to the light, but she’s tanned incredibly easily instead of turning into ashes