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Battle Through the Heavens Season 6: Everything You Need To Know

Battle through the Heavens donghua
Battle through the Heavens Season 6 Release Date

Battle through the Heavens, a highly popular donghua aired it’s first season on 7th January 2017 and has since been in continuation. A live-action series of the anime was also made in 2018 starring Chinese actors like Leo Wu, Lin Yun, and Baron Chen in this fantasy-filled adaptation. With the ongoing donghua currently running it’s 5th season, season 6 of Battle through the Heavens is soon to be announced to the public. The latest update on the donghua will be provided in the article with it’s tentative release dates.

Donghua in simple terms refers to Chinese animation/anime. Similarly, Battle through the Heavens is produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and China Literature Limited, both being Chinese companies. Donghuas have been seeing a rising popularity amongst the public because of it’s almost real-to-life animations. They’re not only very professionally made, but also boast of a binge-worthy plotline and gorgeous backdrops. 

Battle through the Heavens does not fall short in this area either. With it’s action-packed story line and environment heavily surrounded with mythical elements, this fantasy anime leaves it’s watchers in awe. Having elements of comedy and romance as relief from the heart-pounding battles, the donghua brings it’s audience a well balanced series with a bit of everything. 

The supernatural setting of the donghua brings it’s otherworldly magic to the screen, making it hard to leave our seats! At first glance it may seem lengthy, stretching 5 seasons from 2017 till now. However, with each episode lasting approximately 20 minutes, Battle through the Heavens is received with undivided attention from its watchers. It’s fast paced and thrilling nature helps cope up with the lengthy episodes in no time. 

Even if action and fantasy isn’t your forte or not exactly your first choice when searching for something to binge, Battle through the Heavens will definitely change your opinion with it’s versatile plot- having something for everyone! 

Battle through the Heavens

Battle through the Heavens

Preview (Spoilers!) 

Battle through the Heavens started off as a manhua and later adapted to a donghua, further followed by it’s live action. The story begins with the main protagonist Xiao Yan, a born genius of the Xiao Clan setting to master the practice of Dou Qi cultivation at the ripe age of 4. By age 11, Xiao Yan became the youngest Dou practitioner in his clan and broke through the tenth stage . However, thing’s started taking a turn a year after his success.

A series of harsh events followed Xiao Yan when he turned 12. He dropped down from the tenth-stage and become a third- stage disciple. This followed with problems arising within his clan; facing their scorn and mockery accompanied by cold gaze made it hard for him to move forward. His fiancée too had renounced his marriage. All in all, the piling up of these unfortunate events made Xiao anxious and full of despair.

However, during his moment of grief, the ring that he had been wearing since childhood opened a brand new door for him. A spiritual body had come to Xiao Yan’s rescue and restored his position of authority among the younger members of his clan by introducing magic in his normal life.

Although Xiao Yan gained back the love and admiration from his people, he was still not satisfied with the way things were. He sets out on a mission of revenge against the renouncement of his marriage and faces a series of adventures along the way. His journey embarks the development of his character and transition from childhood to adulthood, practicing self growth. 

Recap of latest episode

The latest episode released is Season 5 Episode 29. This episode witnesses the commencement of the Strong Ranking Grand Competition, where  Xiao Yan (protagonist) is paired with Bai Cheng for his first match. 

Battle through the Heavens donghua

Battle through the Heavens

In the beginning, Xiao Yan is faced with difficulty since his opponent used a special technique against him, but eventually, he’s able to defeat Bai Cheng using his Green Lotus Flame. He triumphs victory in his first match and sets the standard for the subsequent.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 5 Episode 30 Release date 

The donghua aired on January 7, 2017 and is  still releasing new episodes with Season 5 episode 29 being the current episode available to stream. Season 5 Episode 30 of Battle through the Heavens will release on Sunday 5th February, 2023. 

Where to watch Battle through the Heavens Donghua? 

Battle through the Heavens donghua

Battle through the Heavens| Viki

Rakuten Viki is the most suitable streaming platform.

When will Season 6 of Battle through the Heavens air?  

Till now, the release date of Season 6 of Battle through the Heavens has yet to be announced. Season 5 is currently ongoing. Finishing 29 out of 52 episodes in total, the new Season of Battle through the Heavens will still take time to release.

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