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How to Watch Mad Men Online? All The Episodes

With the show officially ended, fans are searching for where to watch Mad Men online and we are here to answer all the queries. Matthew Weiner created this series with the help of Lionsgate Television. It aired on AMC during its run and is now ended. The channel gave us seven seasons of drama. The plot of this series is set during the 60s and lasts over 10 years as it ended in November 1970.

It throws light on the agency Sherlin Cooper. They are an advertisement company located on Madison Avenue in New York. Mad Men actually indicates a slang that was coined back in the 1950s. It referred to all the people who worked on Madison Avenue. Mad is short for Madison and is not related to the men being crazy. We see Don Draper in the lead role being the very talented advertising executive at Sterling Cooper. He is a former creative director at the agency.

Throughout the advertisement market, he is known as quiet and mysterious. Although, the man never shies away from shoeing his skills to the world. Later in the series, we see him rising to the rank of Founding Partner at the firm. Although, we see his reputation going down the drain after he gets his big promotion. The series does not only contains drama about the lives of the characters. It also showcases the rising social inequality during that time and how the culture of America imported various companies.

We saw how Mad Men was appreciated for the way it depicted each story. Every episode was crafted with passion and gad a new challenge to overcome. It even received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. Mad Men is one of the early 21st century Golden Age of Television.

Where to Watch Mad Men Online All Episodes

A still from Mad Men

Despite the sole focus being on Don Draper, we have an ensemble cast in the drama. It is seen that Elizabeth Moss reprises the role of Peggy Olson. She started the show as a secretary but soon was raised to the position of copywriter and even had her own office. A curious case of pregnancy happened to her where she did not even realize she was pregnant until she got into labor. This was the child of Campbell. She gave the baby away for adoption as Peggy was not ready to be a mother.

Then we have Vincent Kartheiser who does the role of Pete Campbell. He and Peggy share a child together but have never parented it. Pete is well connected and comes from an Old Money family among the elite class of New York. He is very privileged and thus, lacks experience. Well, after all this time, you guys might want to know the ways we can watch Mad Men online.

Where to Watch Mad Men Online


No, Mad Man is not available on Netflix right now. We can not be sure about the future of drama on the platform.

AMC Plus

AMC Plus is streaming all the episodes of Mad Men on its platform right now. A subscription to the platform will cost you about an average of 8.99 dollars a month. It can be as low as 7 dollars or go up to 9 dollars based on the plan you select for watching the drama.

AMC Plus can be bought in a bundle with Amazon Prime Video. It will literally cost next to nothing by doing so but just for two months. After the period expires, the platform will charge you 8.99 dollars. Well, you will barely need a month to binge-watch and finish Mad Men. Along with it, people will get access to all the more content available on both platforms which is very beneficial. Thus, it is the best form of watching Mad Men all season.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers access to Mad Men in two ways. The first is on-demand. You can buy any episode and it will cost 2.99 dollars. For a whole season, Amazon will charge 4.98 dollars. Another way to watch is by buying a bundle to AMC Plus. It will cost 0.99 dollars with the initial subscription for two months and can be canceled at any time.

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