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Love Is For Suckers Episode 14: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Love Is For Suckers Episode 14: Release Date

The Love Is For Suckers Episode 14 Release Date is here, and we are excited to reveal the latest information about it. Let’s go through the recent events in the show before jumping to the Love Is For Suckers Episode 14 Release Date and how to stream Love Is For Suckers. Chef John’s contacts with other cast members on set have caused the transformations we see in him.

He discovered that the woman he believed he liked because of her appearance and social standing was bland and unable to consume the cuisine he made for her. Ji-wan, in turn, is smart enough to talk about what he cooks and eats. He focuses more on the sympathetic webtoons than the shallow weather forecaster, particularly as the latter starts to run into issues on set.

We learn more about Ji’s experiences with sexual abuse as a child. Ji-wan had first told her tale to a cast member who later proved to be a skilled con artist. Knowing that the video will be broadcast, the fraudster repeatedly brings up Ji-anguish-wan’s name to draw attention to himself through her. The rest of the cast, especially Chef John, empathizes with Ji-wan.

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Love Is For Suckers Episodes Recap

Ji-wan watches our chef departing and asks if she can follow him without knowing where he is headed after learning that his mom has been in a minor vehicle accident. She wants to leave the house since she feels confined within. The three of them gather around a table of his mother’s food at his mother’s restaurant in a little seaside town.

Love Is For Suckers Ep 13 recap

Goo Yeo and Park jae from Love Is For Suckers.

Ji-wan shines in everything she attempts, and Chef John shines even when observing her consumption. When the two are once more outside the restaurant, John discloses that his real surname is Joon. He altered it to sound prosperous. He asks why she is not shocked by this revelation, given that everyone believes he comes from a wealthy Gangnam family, as they stroll along the sea.

A single mother raised him in a fishing village, and all he ever desired was success. According to Ji-wan, he doesn’t look like a village boy whose face is too attractive. She continues to congratulate him, telling him that he has his mother’s talent for cooking in him. He goes on to say how she always says the sweetest things.

She claims that she must speak in a pleasant way because she doesn’t have a pretty face. “You have a nice face,” he remarks as he turns to face her. No one has ever mentioned anything to her before, which surprises her. He keeps staring at her and tells her that what she witnessed as a child was not entirely her fault.

Love Is For Suckers Ep 13 recap

A scene from Love Is For Suckers.

He tries to lighten up the situation by confirming if she goes to school and has learned to speak as beautifully as she sobs. Jae-hoon finds out that Ji-Yeon is making fun of him because she loves him more than he loves her in online comments. They’ve acquired the monikers “inferior Ji-Yeon” and “superior Jae-hoon.”

They hear them being called these things when the two go on a date while the cameras are filming, and others can recognize them. According to Jae-hoon, Ji-Yeon shouldn’t be perceived as pitiful in the public eye. He declares in front of the camera that he dislikes these nicknames and will prefer her in the future. He uses the broken red thread to create two bracelets and fastens one to each of their wrists.

Love Is For Suckers Ep 13 recap

Si won and Dahee from Love Is For Suckers.

Ji-Yeon queries why he did it off-camera because it doesn’t align with his feelings. Jae-hoon claims he dislikes it when others assume she is less capable than them when she is not. He doesn’t want her to hear those things, which makes her swoon and increases her admiration for him. Yeo-reum mopes around the set while Jae-hoon and Ji-Yeon are engaged in this activity.

With a wistful expression, she edits the video of the two of them joking and trying to get to know one another. But because there are private moments we’re not seeing, the video helps us understand how Ji-Yeon could still be after Jae-hoon.

Love Is For Suckers Episode 14 Release Date

Love Is For Suckers Episode 14 Release Date is Thursday, November 24, 2022. Love Is For Suckers Episode 14 will be broadcast on the Korean entertainment channel ENA in Korea at approximately 9:00 pm. International viewers can watch Love is for suckers episode 14 with Rakuten Viki at 5:30 pm IST, 1:00 pm BST, and 8:00 am EST.

Love Is For Suckers Episodes: How To Watch

As mentioned earlier, Love Is For Suckers Episodes are exclusively streamed on Viki for the fans watching the episodes of Love is for suckers outside South Korea. International fans must cross-check th time we mentioned in the section above to watch the show regarding their nation. Rakuten Viki can cost a user somewhere near $4.99 a month.

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