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Preview & Spoilers: One Piece Chapter 1004

One Piece

The chapter is title Night on the board; the battle still continues with Luffy landing barrages of punch to Kaido. Kaido got badly hurt, and blood started flowing from his mouth. Big Mom cannot believe that the Strawhat brat is giving Kaido a hard time. Luffy landed a powerful gong that smashes Kadoi with the ground. Luffy’s body releases some smokes. Captain Kid is won during what is happening to Luffy. 

Law reveals that it happens when Luffy uses Gear Four, and he will lose the ability to use Haki for ten minutes. Captain Kid comments that Luffy’s power comes with a risk but hid punches did a great job. Big Mom interferes by attacking Luff with a super flame move called Hhahaba: The Mother of Destruction. Zoro grabs Luffy and gets him out of Big Mom’s attack. At the same time, Captain Kid and Killer charges at Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 1004 will be available on Sunday, 13 February 2021. One Pice new chapter airs officially on VIZ and Manga Plus. Take a look at other detailed updates of this Manga here: One Piece Chapter 1003 Spoilers

Previously on One Piece 1003

Kaido is still struggling on the ground, and Law sends a powerful blow towards Big Mom. Kaido manages to get up and unleashes a tornado sending Luffy and Zoro flying. Zoro yells at Kaido that he must not try to eat their captain. Zoro members the attack that he used on Gyojin Island to attack Kaido. He attacks Kaido with Oo Tatsu Maki and manages to slash Kaido’s scales and left him bleeding. 

Who’ s Who Ally:

Kaido notices that Zoro’s Enma is the only sword that can hurt him. He does not like it because it used to be owned by One. Kaido asks Zoro if he is trying to finish him with tornado attacks. Kaido unleashes a super move called Tatsumaki Kaifuu: Twister Destructive Wind and sends a tornado that has a blade coming from all directions. Zoro holds Luffy and decides to escape. 

At the same time, Captain Kid and Killer block the blades coming from Kaidos attack. They are opening a path of them and Zoro, who is carrying Luffy. Meanwhile, at Onigashima Castle, Orochi’s head is still on the ground. At the CPo, they are relaxing in one of the rooms in the castle. A lady with a paper mark of an eye on her face entertains them by playing music for them. It seems as if the lady might be the underling of Who’s Who.

Two of the CPo are also playing a Japanese game on board called GO. They are using black and white pieces; the black one presents Kaido’s army. The white pieces present Samurai’s army, and they have already lost 400 men out of 5400. Kaido’s army has lost 300 men out of 30000 men, and one-piece represents 100 men on the board. The game is left with 32 pieces. Kaido’s army has 27 pieces, and the Samurai’s army has five pieces. 

One Piece

One Piece

Hybrid Form:

The leader of CPo is worried that Orochi has been killed, and he used to be their trading partner. He realizes that the festival has turned into a great war. He knows that the fall of Doflamingo has brought the war between Kaido and the Wors Generation. Everything was certain to happen, and two of four have fallen in this battle, and it will be the world’s future won’t be predicted. The CPo thinks that the Samurai will be defeated; even if they take down Kaido and Big Mom, the war won’t stop. 

The Ookanban will be waiting for them to start another battle. But if the Samurai won’t be defeated, they can be easily destroyed for eternity. The leader keeps on telling his story while Sasaki and Franky clashes. Sanji is hurt with blood on his head. Nami, Usopp, and Tama dare planing something together while Ulti is running. Jinbe is also fighting, and Yamato is preparing to battle with Momonosuke. Shinobu is also behind Yamato, ready to back up Momo.

The leader of CP0 finished telling his story, and he comments that they can continue just to destroy each other like real pirates. Earlier at the top roof of Oganisha before Luffy and Kid, Kaido turns into the hybrid form. Kaidou’s hybrid got bigger and taller than Big Mom. Luffy got tired from using Gear Fourth and asks Zoro to save him. Kaido calls Big Mom by her name Linlin telling her that they are having fun, and he screams Worororo!! In his monster form. Big Mom replied by saying Mamamama and said she is enjoying it too. 

You can get more development and updates about the battle on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. If you have missed the previous update of the battle, you can read them here: One Piece Chapter 1003.

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