Borderlands 3 Update patch notes
Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Upcoming Update Will Have A New Event & Level Cap Increase

Borderlands 3 is the third installment in the Borderlands series that released a few months, and many players have already played it. The fans most likely have completed the game and maxed out their characters. Now there is probably nothing to do in the game, but don’t worry; you will be getting new content for it. This is the next game event that is called Broken Hearts Day, and the patch dropping with it.

This is an event that is for Valentine’s Day, which is coming on 13 February 2020. It will run for a week, and its end date is 20 February. It revolves around the hearts that will be floating around enemies throughout the galaxy. Maurice, the sentient Saurian on Sanctuary 3, wants you to destroy these hearts. The more you break these hearts, the more you get, but this isn’t that exciting because way more fun things are also coming with it.

In the Love Letter on Borderlands’ site, it was revealed that this update would be adding more new content, quality of life changes, and long-awaited level cap raise. But the cap level won’t get extended that high as players will only get an extra three levels. This means that there will be more skill points. This might sound too low, but it is still unknown how long it will take to reach that level. The additional skill points will be helpful when the True Takedown Mode comes out.

This is a mode is harder than free Takedown, and in order to compete for this raid, you and your friends will have to be decked. After this, there is going to be more content, but it will be arriving in March, but there isn’t any specific date give on when it is releasing. This update will bring more quality of life changes. Players will now be able to toggle Guardian Rank perks, the entire system altogether, even seasonal events can be toggled off.

The players will now be able to skip the cutscenes in the game. Previously, the players weren’t able to skip the cutscenes, but now they can, which is a good feature. This is all the info that was in the latest Community Love Letter from Gearbox. There is still more content coming to the game, which will be a second paid campaign expansion. We will get information on that at this upcoming PAX East on 27 February.