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Family Guy Season 21 Episode 17: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Family Guy Season 21
Family Guy Season 21

The Family Guy Season 21 Episode 17 release date is what makes the fans most excited about its release after everything we saw in the previous episodes. I honestly had the most fun watching the episode where Meg was on the basketball team for her school.

It was a hilarious experience to see her entering the same in the first place. It was when she threw away a bunch of kids in order to get the pizza bread slice with two pepperonis. The coach saw her and asked her for the tryouts due to the passion she had.

Although, she fails miserably at the same and even the coach is disappointed. Things kind of get better when her dad starts to insult her, and in an attempt to prove her wrong, she starts playing better. I mean, nice.

It was a weird sort of motivation, but I was personally happy to see how her character did not get discouraged by the insults rather than try to rise above it all and prove her dad wrong. Had I been in this position, it would be very terrible to have my own father make fun of me in front of the whole team, but everything worked out for her. She was able to make it to the basketball team.

On the other hand, we see that Stewie has been watching a lot of YouTube lately and is obsessed with the videos. However, Brian is concerned about the same, as there is a lot of content out there on YouTube Kids that is not child safe or too deep for someone of Stewie’s age to understand. Well, soon enough, Stewie hits on a video that claims to tell the truth about nap time.

Family Guy Season 21 Episode 17 Release Date & Streaming Guide

A still from Family Guy Season 21 Episode 15

Family Guy Season 21 Episode 16 Recap 

It all starts at a small elementary school where kids go into a protest against their nap time schedule. It was because they did not feel tired after sleeping for 16 hours straight last night. Turns out that nap time is created by adults in order to have time for themselves while their kids are sleeping. Thus, he tries to test the theory out and finds out that Lois is drinking wine and scrolling through Twitter.

After a successful game that Meg has played by his father’s ill comments, Lois and Chris come back home and go into the bedroom. They tell Stewie that the floor is lava, but as he tries to investigate their lies further, he sees them sleeping together, and not just sleeping, obviously.

But yeah, it pretty much ruins his entire existence, and the trauma gives him multiple personality disorders. Thus, Brian, who isn’t able to handle it all, takes him to a therapist. Ultimately, he himself has to tell him that what he saw in his parent’s bedroom was Lois trying to count the threads in the sheets and Chris helping her out from the back.

This tends to calm things down with him, and he is able to come back from his trauma and live in the present. Also, he agrees with Brian that the adults should tell some white lies so that their kids could benefit from that.

Also, at Meg’s game, Chris has lost his voice and, thus, isn’t able to insult her. It results in her losing the points. Ultimately, Meg takes charge and urges her father to finally let out an insult which he does, and she wins the game.

Family Guy Season 21 Episode 17 Release Date

Family Guy Season 21 Episode 17 release date is on 26 March 2023. The episode will drop out on Fox at 9.30 PM Eastern Standard Time. New episodes of this animated drama series release every week on Sundays.

How to Watch Family Guy Season 21 Episode 16

Family Guy Season 21 Episode 16 will air live on Fox at the specified time, and it is best for the fans to watch at the same. Also, Fox’s official website too has new episodes which fans can watch the drama through. International fans will have to be careful when it comes to the new episodes and their schedules.

  • India – 7 AM Indian Standard Time (27 March 2023)
  • Europe – 2.30 AM Greenwich Mean Time (27 March)
  • Australia – 10.30 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (27 March)
  • USA – 7.30 PM Eastern Standard Time (26 March)
  • Canada – 7.30 PM Eastern Standard Time (26 March)

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