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Apex Legends Season 14 Release Date: All About The New Legend And Changes

Apex Legends Season 14
Apex Legends Season 14

Even though Apex Legends Season 13’s massive Saviors update, which introduced new legend Newcastle to the mix, didn’t start until a while ago, we’re already excited for the upcoming season. With a new playable legend on the cards, it appears that King’s Canyon is following Storm Point in updating its map.

The fourteenth season of Apex Legends, officially called Hunted, is soon to arrive, and Respawn is presently in full-on hype mode. Along with the typical wave of adjustments and modifications, the upcoming season of Respawn’s competitive FPS game will introduce a new character, a new battle pass, and even a new map.

After the official debut of the new hero Vantage last week, the developer has now confirmed a significant update for the original Kings Canyon map and an increase in the level limit for players. Kings Canyon has obviously been around since the release of Apex Legends in 2019, and Season 14’s thorough overhaul tries to fix some of the map’s most problematic problems. But before we get into the game technicalities, there are two changes that are probably the most visible right away: a new skybox and improved lighting, both of which are meant to create a “more immersive, vibrant atmosphere.”

Apex Legends Season 14 Release Date

It has been confirmed that the upcoming season of Apex Legends is only a matter of time after a few teases and the debut of the animated short Survive. Depending on your time zone, Apex Legends Season 14 will be released on August 8 or August 9 in 2022. Every season of Apex Legends has its own battle pass, thus, we can anticipate Season 14 to arrive soon after Season 13 and debut around August 8.

Apex Legends Season 14

Apex Legends Season 14 Release Date

The fourteenth season will premiere at precisely 13:00 ET. There are no surprises because this is the usual time for Apex updates and when the item store is updated each week. Don’t worry if you’re worried about download delays and going online as soon as possible. About 12 hours before launch, Respawn will make the update available for pre-download, allowing you to download it, install it, and start playing as soon as Season 14 is available.

Apex Legends Season 14 Trailer

In addition to revealing the dates for a gameplay reveal, the trailer for Apex Legends Hunted emerged last week and showcased the skills and history of the new legend Vantage. In previous teases, Vantage ended up fighting for Echo’s inclusion in the games and explained her childhood in the blasted lands of the planet Pàgos. Even Twitter posted a copy of her diary. The season’s gameplay reveal was also hinted to in the video, which stated that it would appear on August 1—just eight days before the new season officially starts on August 9.

The trailer starts with a new character, Vantage, in a team with Fuse and Horizon. She first tries to fight but is stopped by Horizon and scolded by Fuse. Then we see Vantage’s discussion with her mother when she’s imprisoned. Her mother confesses innocence but also stops Vantage from trying to free her as she gains the confidence of her teammates. When she leaves the prison, she sees a broadcast of an Apex Legends match, which motivates her to play the game. Just at end of the trailer, her team stands victorious, and she tells to the camera drone that she did this one for her mother, Xenia.

In terms of upcoming game teases, the trailer shows Vantage humming for her bat, Echo, to draw attention away from an enemy. She then puts on a visor to show enemy locations and taps a pad on her arm to activate a jetpack so she can fly to higher ground. Later, she uses a special sniper weapon that she disassembled and packed earlier in the trailer to kill a number of foes. Although the details have yet to be revealed, this footage fits the information regarding her kit that was leaked earlier this year.

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The New Season 14 Legend: Vantage

Vantage, who was first introduced in March 2022 after a large leak, is a skilled sniper and a great hunter who was raised alone on Pàgos, an isolated planet in the Fringe Worlds system. The Fringe Worlds are a group of planets that are outside of Syndicate Space and are located on the very border of the Outlands. Vantage is a unique character who stands out in both gameplay and backstory because of her odd upbringing. Here is all the information we currently have about the newest Apex Legends character.

Vantage’s skills were shared online alongside the skills of the other future legends that had been revealed in the March leak, however, it wasn’t clear how precise the contents of the leak were at the time. Although the skills of Vantage have not yet been officially confirmed, other leaks and, more recently, the release of the Season 14 trailer seem to confirm that Vantage’s abilities are quite similar to those that were seen in the first leak. Vantage is equipped with the following skills, according to data mining leaks and the Season 14 Launch trailer’s events.

Apex Legends Season 14

The New Season 14 Legend – Vantage

Ultimate: Mark to Kill

Vantage uses a specially designed sniper rifle that scans enemies and increases the damage for Vantage and her team members. Damage for Vantage increases with further hits. When attacking opponents who have been scanned with Mark to Kill, her entire squad receives a 15% damage bonus. In the Season 14 premiere trailer, Vantage is seen using this skill. In addition to pulling out a unique sniper rifle—possibly the one connected to her Ultimate skill—she is also seen rocket-boosting to Echo, spotting other legends while ADSing, and spotting other characters.

Vantage Origin Story

Growing up, Vantage, whose real name is Xiomara “Mara” Contrares, followed only one rule: survive. While she has succeeded in doing so thus far, she is not always great at following other rules. She purposefully disobeyed her mother’s wishes by exploring the sunken cargo ship G.D.S. Vantage in her chapter of Stories from the Outlands. As a result, Xiomara comes dangerously close to dying, and her mother Xenia, a wanted felon from Gaea, is arrested by the police. Even though it is obvious that Xiomara feels terrible about the role she played in her mother’s arrest, it is unclear whether or not she has learned her lesson.

She stubbornly refuses to leave during her debut Apex Games match despite Fuse’s objections against “a pup” competing in the Games. Although Vantage’s age is unknown, Fuse’s comments imply that she might be one of the younger members of the legend team. However, he could also be referring to Vantage’s youth and lack of life experience due to her lonely upbringing.

Apex Legends Season 14

Apex Legends Season 14 – Vantage Origin Story

She succeeds in her first Apex match, but it does not necessarily imply that she has what it takes to go down in history as a legend. She did use her skills effectively during the competition, but even if she hadn’t, Xiomara would have still won because the contest was rigged using the same method that Crypto discovered in his chapter of Stories from the Outlands.

Another rule-breaking incident involved Vantage, who violated a ban on dogs in the Games in the Official Apex Games Rulebook. Although she has brought Echo, the bat-like animal that saved Xiomara’s life in her chapter of Stories from the Outlands, to the games, it appears that animals are not permitted.

However, given that Artur, Bloodhound’s pet raven, has been a staple of the series since it began in 2019, and even if Echo did attack the eyebrows of a rival competitor during Vantage’s qualifier match, this “no pets allowed” rule is still a little odd. Vantage appears to be aware of this because, after appealing the regulation several times, Echo was finally allowed to attend the Apex Games.

Vantage’s Mother

Xiomara’s mother, Xenia, is a mysterious woman who lied to her daughter for years about every part of her background before Vantage ultimately learned the truth: Xenia was a wanted felon who was the only survivor of the crash of the G.D.S. Vantage, a cargo ship delivering prisoners to a detention center. Both women were taken into custody by the Greek Space Authority after the daughter accidentally revealed her mother’s name.

Apex Legends Season 14

Apex Legend Season 14 – Vantage and Mother

Since then, Xenia has been jailed as her daughter competes in the Apex Games in an effort to draw attention to her mother’s case, despite the fact that her crimes are unknown and she is referred to as “wrongly accused” in promotional materials. However, a closer look at the desk where Xiomara and her mom have their visits shows an interesting fact: Xenia is being detained in the same prison as Mad Maggie, who is sent back to a cell when she isn’t taking part in the Apex Games.

There are several flashbacks to Vantage’s visits with her mother in the debut trailer. She appears prepared to take on a whole prison’s worth of Syndicate guards carrying only a sharp stick in one, carrying a sloppily made shiv. However, Xenia grabs the homemade weapon from her daughter’s hands before Vantage can act foolishly, and the conference is called to a close. However, it’s interesting to note that during the countdown to the launch trailer’s release, a jail riot interrupts a conversation between two prison guards. Obviously, Mad Maggie is the most likely culprit, but it’s also possible that she’s not working alone.

The scene in which Vantage’s mother takes the shiv away is unmistakably a flashback, while the conversation between the officers in the pre-trailer countdown may occur after Vantage’s mother has a weapon. This implies that either Maggie or possibly Xenia herself may have started the riot that causes the guards’ conversation to be cut off. No matter what, it’s impossible to deny that Xenia is just as fascinating as her daughter Vantage.

Apex Legends Season 14

Apex Legend Season 14 – Vantage meeting her Mother

New Changes In Apex Legends Season 14

Every few months, Respawn releases a significant amount of new content for Apex Legends, and they have a reputation for doing it in a timely manner. So as another twelve weeks pass and a new season is set to begin, there is much to be excited about. Will the game be changed in any way? Would those disliked Legends benefit from a buff? or even a fresh map?

Equipment Changes

With the addition of a new feature for Season 14, the Golden Backpack will now allow you to fit three Health Kits in a single slot or three Shield Batteries. By doing this, you’ll be able to carry a lot more healing while making a place for other pieces of gear. A mobile banner retriever was also mentioned, which would allow players to pick up the banner of a fallen teammate from a safe distance, but we don’t expect this to be added until a later season.

Map Changes

All of the map changes coming in Season 14 are really for King’s Canyon, which will become the Ranked Leagues map for the first split. There will be a lot of King’s Canyon map updates:  Skull Town has been rebuilt by the syndicate;  To stop so many outsiders from entering the island, new routes have been established; The game’s power curve has been delayed for a short while by adjusting loot dispersion to make all POIs equally appealing.

Map Changes

Apex Legend Season 14 – Map Changes

The Cage has grown in size; Hillside’s internal areas have been eliminated;  Broken Relay now goes by the name basin and contains a few more buildings. For King’s Canyon, a new skybox should give everything a more lively appearance. Similar to the new Divided Moon Battle Royale-sized map, we’ve heard about it as well, but we don’t expect it to be finished in time for Season 14; most likely, it will be finished in time for Season 15.

Balance Changes

After being completely useless for years, the EVA-8 is now getting a boost. This is a well-deserved boost because everyone is aware of how uncommon this weapon is; after the first few minutes of a match, you hardly ever see it. A new hop-up that grants the weapon access to Double Tap, which is essentially an enhanced fire rate, will be added along with a few base stat upgrades for the weapon.

Ammunition Changes

The Wingman will be converted into a sniper-ammo weapon, while the Spitfire will be converted into a light-ammo weapon. With these two adjustments, heavy should now be more evenly matched with other ammunition types. The Wingman, in particular, was benefiting excessively from having access to heavy ammunition, which is far more common than sniper ammunition.

Ammunition Changes

Apex Legend Season 14 – Ammunition Changes

New Prestige Levels In Apex Legends Season 14

Instead of just increasing the level cap, Respawn will add prestige levels that will function just like they do in other games. Basically, after you reach level 500, you can reset and start over at level 1 in a new prestige level. After the first time, you can reach 500 three more times because there are three prestige levels. To put it another way, you can now successfully reach level 2000.

The Season 14 Battle Pass And Ranked Play Changes

There are 100 brand-new cosmetic items in the Season 14 Battle Pass, which costs 950 Apex Coins ($10). It will also be possible to purchase the Battle Pass using the first 25 tiers already unlocked for 2800 Apex Coins ($30). Thus, it is basically the same as any other Battle Pass in Apex or practically any other game that has a Battle Pass system.

With regard to the ranked modes, Respawn has not made any modifications public for Season 14. But given how many players voiced their dissatisfaction with the ranking system in Season 13, we wouldn’t be shocked if they made another adjustment to the system in Season 14 to make it a little more fair.

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