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Preview and Recap: WandaVision Episode 6

After the Avengers Endgame got over back in April 2019, everyone started looking forward to Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It could not happen in 2020 because we all know how the Corona Virus pandemic hit the entire planet and forced us into a lockdown. No production process happened since and we got no new movies. But then, the creators promised a variety of new shows that are set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as well as Loki. Among these is Wanda Vision. The show is the first one to inaugurate Phase Four. Jac Schaeffer has created this miniseries as it drops off on the streaming platform Disney Plus. The entire show is based on the Marvel Comics character called Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlett Witch, as well as Vision. The plot of this tale is designed to share the continuity with the plot of the franchise content.

We acknowledge actor Paul Bettany reprising his role ad Vision and actress Elizabeth Olsen doing the part of Wanda. For the first time, the news about a lineup of shows from Marvel originated in 2018. Wanda Vision released its starting two episodes on the 15th of January 2021 on Disney Plus. This limited series is scheduled to have just nine seasons which will end on the 5th of March 2021. Since its release, many critics are appreciating how the show respects the way content was presented in the present. The audience is even loving the performance done by Olsen and Bettany.


WandaVision Episode 5 – Recap

In the previous episodes, we have witnessed the Blip going on. This is when Captain Monica Rambeau emerges to life. As all the fans might already know that she is an agent of S.W.O.R.D. Unfortunately, the first news that she comes across is the act that her mother has died of cancer. After going through a devastating phase following the news, Monica gets all ready to come back for work and is sent by Acting Director Tyler Hayward. Her task is to assist Jimmy Woo, an FBI agent. There is a case of a missing person in Westview located in New Jersey. Then we see how Monica gets attracted inside a CMBR field. Later, the SWORD team acknowledges the fact that this field has covered up the entire town.

Thus, they send in some of their drones as well as the agents to find out more about it. While she is studying the phenomena and everything that has happened, she stumbles upon some of the broadcasting signals. They are for the television sitcom WandaVision (are you as confused as I am?). But here is the deal. The people who are trying to learn more about it find out that the real residents living in the town have actually been cast (ironically) in the sitcom and have been given specific roles. This is when the team witnesses Monica enacting the character of Geraldine on Wanda Vision. Later in the scenes, Jimmy and Darcy are seen trying really hard to converse with Wanda inside the show but fail terribly.

WandaVision Episode 6 – Release Date

Back in the fifth episode called ‘On A Very Special Episode…’ that released on the 5th of February 2021, we saw the next chapter of the story coming into life. In this episode, Tommy and Billy wanted to cry but Wanda and Vision are trying to stop them from doing so. Agnes is constantly trying to assist Wanda in her chores by asking her if she can help look after the boys, but Vision gets cautious. He is pretty questioning regarding the behavior that Agnes carries around. Almost instantly, in a blink of an eye, Tommy and Billy boost up to the future as they become children of five years in age. A dog appears out of the blue at their suburban house and Tommy and Billy want to keep them. This is when Agnes pipes in again in their matters and suggests that they name the dog Sparky. WandaVision season 1 episode 6 is going to air on Disney Plus on the 12th of February 2021.

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