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Solar Opposites Episode 4 ‘The Booster Manifold’ : Review

As we head into a Solar Opposites marathon, we realize how epic the series has. The potential that it holds is unlimited. Before we begin with the actual review of Solar Opposites, episode 4 ‘The Booster Manifold’ we need to tell you a bit about it. It’s only fair.

Solar Opposites is a HULU original, is an American sitcom that was originally meant for broadcast on Fox. But after the project got shelved by Fox, HULU shopped it and got the license. Solar Opposites is created by Justin Roiland (of Rick and Morty fame) and Mike McMahan (of Star Trek: Lower Decks). The premise of the sitcom is pretty basic – a bunch of aliens crash land on Earth and settle with humans. They are amazed by the world of humans, especially their bigotry and high-racism. The aliens are four, there’s the gang leader and bossy Korvo, there’s the goofy Jesse and two jerks, namely Jesse and Yumyulack. Yamyulack is the bigger jerk, while Terry is sort of grounded morally. And they have a pet named the Pupa. The aliens reside in America, and it’s been a year since their crash landing. While they mess things up with their sci-fi pranks, they also save the day. The plots are pretty basic and relatable. There’s nothing fancy space/sci-fi stuff. So don’t let the sci-fi tagline fool you. Solar Opposites takes pretty basic stuff and created unbelievably hilarious comedies out of it. The kind that has you laughing historically. In many ways, it is on similar terms with Rick and Morty, considering it comes from Justin Roiland, that shouldn’t be a surprise. Alrighty, with that being said, let’s jump to episode 4 of season 1, of course.

Episode 4 aired on the same day as episode 1 or any other episode from the series. Hulu was quick to broadcast all the episodes (wish they did the same with The Handmaid’s Tale). So, yeah, so far we got a glimpse into every character and very quickly we realized two things, that the real shirker, slacker, evader with the attention span of a three-year-old. Secondly, Yamyulack is a bigger jerk than we thought he was. As for Jesse and Terry, we’ll they are fine. The plot mostly revolves around Korvo (in case you have wondered about the similarity in his and Rick’s voice, both are voiced by Justin Roiland) and the three of them guffaw, adjust and laugh at Korvo’s hysterics.

Solar Opposites Episode 4 Review: The Booster Manifold

In episode 4, the most hilarious things happened, First off, Korvo coughed up a red gobbler. Which is basically something that is able to understand, perceive things happening in his life and haunt him for the same. The red gobbler is after Korvo because it wants to kill him. That is the intention, at least. On the other hand, Jesse and Yumyulack tried to win the hearts of the cool table at school by using their sci-fi powers. Finally, they aren’t the subjects of ridicule and bullying anymore, for they have flowers growing out of their skulls and pollen dust coming off of their hands. It’s gross if you ask us, but hey school kids are dumb like that. So Korvo has stress and this stress is going to kill him, but isn’t that what stress does to everyone? As we said, Solar Opposites picks the most mundane things and make hilarious jokes out of them. And, Jesse is trying hard at school.

‘The Booster Manifold’ is a reminder of how aliens have almost become humans on the earth. Cool kids, stress–yeah, welcome to earth, you guys! The episode isn’t just about sci-fic antics, it is about sci-fi antics with maximum effort, and without caution or restraint. The episode morphs into a very Korvo centered episode, and as the hijinks and guffaws continue, Korvo transfers his stress to Terry. Must the three center their lives around him? And then, Jesse and Yumyulack end up alone. The cool kids are just opportunists who enjoyed a magic trick or two. In the end, Jesse and Yumyulack feel like they are better suited to wallflowers of the school. The outlanders and the freaks. That’s the ending of the episode. The plot will build from there. And if you haven’t noticed, Jesse and Yumyulack growing flowers meant the onset of puberty. (gross ew!)

More than that, the theme is just the same, the jokes are as dumb as they could be. The violence is as shocking as you’d expect, in that, it’s gruesome and horrifying. Please please keep your kids away from it. The language is standard South Park language, cussing at things without restraint, guilt, shame, or remorse. There’s standard filth in the show, there are dialogues that would shame adults to that. And sometimes they become a bit too much, even for adults. We were also shown how Terry and Korvo tried to cover up the murder of jet-ski-guy named Brent by destroying the jet-ski.

Hulu’s Solar Opposites: Review

It’s just that between dumb jokes, Korvo’s incredulous behavior, and all the bad words, but you still want to watch it at the end of the day. What have we seen anyway, only 4 episodes so far? Yeah, there are 4 more to go. Be prepared for some really awful, gore-ridden shots in the end. That’s for the heads up. Yeah, Solar Opposites is an incredibly violent show. So violent, you wouldn’t believe what you are seeing. There is an actual mass shooting scene happening to Terry and Korvo and it takes place in a Halloween supply store. There are teenagers who are tearing the flesh off of their faces. But the violence is sort of fun to watch, as you incredulously gasp and go, ha! You know you love it. Thankfully this is where the credits roll. The end may be off-putting.

There’ actually a time when Korvo is heard shouting “I f*** old people all the time, they love me!” God oh god! We wish we could somehow not hear that. But since we are 4 episodes deep into Solar Opposites, there is no point in stopping now.

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