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Fawad Khan Makes a Special Appearance in Ms. Marvel

Fawad Khan has made a special appearance in Ms. Marvel. His impactful performance is making the fans crazy and people are loving every bit of it. The actor has made this come back after six long years. However, earlier it was still confirmed that he is going to be a part of the Marvel Universe, keeping his role a secret. Well, he is seen playing Hasan, the great grandfather role of the protagonist, Kamala Khan.

All the Indian fans have been missing Fawad Khan in Bollywood. Now, with his appearance after so many years, fans have greeted him with loads of respect and immense love. Let’s learn more about him in Ms. Marvel.

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Fawad Khan Makes An Appearance in Ms. Marvel

Well, it’s the Ms. Marvel Episode 5 where Fawad Khan has made his debut in MCU. His character entered during the partition era of India. Also, it brings up the story of Kamala Khan’s great grandmother, Aisha.

Fawad Khan Makes a Special Appearance in Ms Marvel

Fawad Khan in Ms. Marvel

Initially, Fawad Khan has been introduced as a freedom fighter. After he started his family with Aisha, they were forced to move to Pakistan during the partition period. Along with him, his daughter, Sana was also there. The episode focuses on how Hasan managed to get on to the last train to Pakistan along with his daughter. But Sana couldn’t make it and that’s what it is going to highlight.

Even if Fawad Khan’s role in Ms. Marvel is short, fans are going crazy with happiness. His acting skills have always been appreciated by the fans. But, this time, we won’t be coming across his handsome bold look with the well-maintained beard on, because of the character which is very much different from the ones he has played to date. Well, it appears to be quite a  challenging role.

You will be happy to know that Ms. Marvel also stars some other South Asian actors like Mohan Kapur, Sagar Shaikh, etc. Aren’t you excited?

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