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Apple TV Plus Line-up For The Last Week of February

Apple is surely the leading company of the present day, and after being one of the biggest gadget producers in the world, the company has even launched a streaming platform. This is how it has got itself established in the race of creating content that amuses the audience for the best. The platform has even closed in 2020 in style with a variety of original shows as well as movies. Despite all of that, Apple TV is set on creating even more content for its subscribers to watch. We have seen some pretty amazing shows, such as For All Mankind as well as The Snoopy Show. Well, if you are all done with the previous installments of the series and have already watched them all, then here we have wrapped up some of the titles that are set for a release in this last week of February.

Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry

Release date – The 26th of February 2021

With no doubt, any subscriber can confirm that they have been waiting for this documentary to release than anything else. In this show, the entire fandom of our teenage pop rising star called Billie Eilish, will be able to follow her journey from the start. We will view her on tours as well as while recording albums that are bound to change her life. As we tune into this documentary, we will see how she has developed through the ages and how her style changed. The film will take us to her childhood and home, and family while giving us the experience of her personal life.

This beautiful journey of our favorite singer has been directed by R. J. Cutler. The entire path that she has traveled through before releasing her debut album called When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? will be covered in the documentary. The film is scheduled to release on Apple TV Plus on the 26th of February 2021, while it will also have a release in the theatres through Neon. The film started its process of filming with all the crew members with Billie as she was set on her tours in 2018. Everything wrapped up in the early part of 2020, thankfully before the Corona Virus hit the Earth and caused a global pandemic.

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For All Mankind Season 2 Episode 2

Release date – The 26th of February 2021

Well, we have already watched the first episode of the series, which dropped on Apple TV plus back on the 19th of February 2021. As for the timeline of the series, it was picked up exactly after 10 years of when the previous season left it off. During this time, the characters are suffering from the Cold War as it is at its highest moment. With the brutality between the two nations, that is, The United States as well as USSR, the threats are increasing tremendously. The subscribers who have watched the show will not deny that the vibes are given by the theme of For All Mankind is very similar to The West Wing. So this show tells us the story of what would have happened if Russia landed on the moon first rather than America. The entire plot is set in an alternate fictional universe which narrates incidents where the space race between NASA and the USSR never came to an end.

First off, in the previous season, we saw the story start in 1969 where Russians landed on the moon. Then we shifted three years in the future where both the powerful nations have established lunar bases as well as the mining operations. Well, if you have started watching the second season, you know that the show is now in 1983, where Ronald Reagan has been appointed as the president. All this while, threats are rising continuously, with the two nations wanting to establish themselves as the supreme powers in the space competition. Because of this factor, as well as the Cold War, the situation might even rise up to a conflict. Do not worry though, this battle probably will not happen on Earth but rather in Space.

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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10

Release date – The 26th of February 2021

All the people who have subscribed to Apple TV plus and are fans of singer and actor Hailee Steinfeld must already have watched the entire show. If you want to sit back and relax while watching a light comedy series on the weekend, then Dickinson is something I would recommend. The genre of this show excels in drama as well as comedy, and the plot is able to keep the audience hooked and well entertained till the end. Unfortunately, the second season of Dickinson is about to end, with its tenth episode airing just this week. The timeline of the show is all set in the era of Emily Dickinson. Although, the series has provided all the fans with a hint of modern elements. The show has successfully debuted one installment of the series, while the second one is running currently and is absolutely loved by the fans.

It is because of a superb tale that takes the viewers to explore the life of Emily as she is exploring the various gender norms as well as the societal pressure and even her family life. Now, you might be wondering about what is so special in Dickinson that makes it unique? So, the main twist of the series lies in the point of view of an amateur writer who is unable to fit herself into her own time. We see how Emily grows through the entire season Emily. Feminism is also one of the major themes of the series, where we see how one woman wants to get her voice heard among a crowd. The cast of Dickinson includes Hailee Steinfeld reprising the role of Emily Dickinson. Then we have Toby Huss, who enacts the character of Edward Dickinson. Adrian Blake Enscoe doing the part of Austin Dickinson. Anna Baryshnikov reprises the role of Lavinia Dickinson. Ella Hunt enacts the character of Sue Gilbert.

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Servant Season 2 Episode 7

Release date – The 26th of February 2021

Recently in the show, we have witnessed that now Leanne is present in the home of Turners. It is creating chaos for all but majorly we see that Dorothy and Season are getting their relationship fractured because of it. Dorothy is pretty aggressive and is stuck on the decision to keep her locked. Despite all of that, until Jericho comes back home, Dorothy provides her with some leeway. Sean goes on to take a little approach towards her. All he wants to do is get the truth out of Leanne by engaging in a conversation with her. He is not rude at all and makes Leanne feel comfortable with him. All this while, we witness that Sean does not like how Dorothy is treating people in a very bad manner. But he himself wants to be with Jericho. We also saw, on the other hand, that the pragmatism of Julian is what is holding up the support for Sean as well as Dorothy in the middle of their deal. Well, this was a bit of a recap to the previous episode of the show but if you are a person who has not watched this show, then here is what it is about.

The plot starts with Dorothy and Sean Turner. We see that it has been six weeks since their son has died. Although, they have another baby and for taking care of it, they hire Leanne. Leanne is a professional nanny, and we see that she is taking good care of Jericho. All this while, Sean is very depressed and dealing with his own problems but soon, he starts getting suspicious of Leanne. As for the cast list of Servant, we have Lauren Ambrose reprising the role of Dorothy Turner. She is a news reporter on the local television. Then we have Toby Kebbel, who enacts the character of Sean Turner. He is the husband of Dorothy and a consulting chef. Nell Tiger Free plays the part of Leanne Grayson. She has a very mysterious role in the show and is a nanny. We also have Rupert Grint, who reprises the role of Julian Pearce. He is the brother of Dorothy.

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