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What Happened To Rapper Costa Titch? Answered

What Happened To Rapper Costa Titch Answered
Rapper Costa Titch, Credits: Genius Celeb

Rapper Costa Titch was South Africa’s greatest rapper of all time, but his sudden death has hugely shocked fans and therefore now everyone, his fans, the audience wants to know the actual reason behind what led to his death while also performing.

And therefore this article will take a look at the most insightful information regarding what happened to Rapper Costa Titch, how he died and what lead to his overall death and other very amazing and greater insights.

But first of all, for those of you who don’t have enough information about who Costa Titch is, he is a South-African rapper who has glorified the industry with his overall contribution from the kind of rap songs that he has created and composed, his songs have topped the charts. However, his sudden death has led fans to question what exactly happened with the rapper Costa Titch, which has therefore shocked the whole bunch of the South African industry and thus many of his fans.

Let us take a look at this article to get much greater insights regarding Costa Titch and the greater details regarding his death.

What Happened To Rapper Costa Titch? Answered

Rapper Costa Titch, Credits: Mint

What happened to Rapper Costa Titch?

It came as a great shock when it was all over the internet about the death of the rapper Costa Titch, fans hugely became shocked when they got to hear that the rapper who was greatly young his age had died. 

The news eventually came when the rapper was performing at a music festival in Johannesburg South Africa and therefore the 27-year-old was performing one of his songs at the music festival when the news when a video surfaced revealing the rapper collapsed and died after when he once again stood up and thereafter collapsed and unfortunately died.

That was a very intense moment to capture and analyse within the fans also to capture and explore and thereafter his sudden death, many artists, politicians and celebrities expressed their condolences over the rapper’s death which came as a huge shock to many of his fans who tear up even after when the rapper was not able to stand up once he collapsed. 

The fact that he was performing at the Ultra South Africa music festival in Johannesburg and also the fact that he collapsed twice, at one time standing up and performing and then at the second time when he collapsed, he wasn’t able to get back and therefore get his life altogether.

What Happened To Rapper Costa Titch? Answered

Rapper Costa Titch, Credits: Jagran

Rapper Costa Titch’s cause of death

Well, so far Rapper Costa Titch’s cause of death is not known, people want to know the real reason why Rapper Costa Titch passed away at a sudden moment, but there has been very less information regarding this since this news has just arrived all over the internet.

Police authorities, therefore, are investigating this matter and so far it hasn’t been revealed regarding why Costa Titch’s real reason behind his death at the music festival.

While since the video of the singer performing on the stage is hugely viral and since all of this happened at a very sudden moment therefore till now there has been very less information regarding how the rapper actually died and what’s the reason behind his death.

Rapper Costa Titch’s girlfriend: Who is she?

Rapper Costa was a very private person but it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had any girlfriend or wasn’t hitched to someone. As per sources, the name of his girlfriend was Nonku Phiri and also both of them had been dating for quite a while. 

Although both of them were mostly private about their relationship, fans, therefore, got to know about both of them via social media and also with the interviews that both of them gave it was highlighted at that point of time that both of them were in deep love with each other. 

Also, Nonku is a musician and since both of them were in the same industry therefore they had a very strong bond with one another, they have also collaborated on music together and also both of them had intense plans to collaborate in the near future by dropping some of the biggest songs, but who knew that what would be the situation and the rapper would end up passing away in such a tragic way.

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