Chainsaw Man Episode 8: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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This anime is an adaption of the same name Japanese Manga series Chainsaw Man, Its first part was published from 2018 to 2020, and the second volume begins in 2022 and will be illustrated and written by Tatsuki Fujimoto. In this anime, the story follows a Bog named Denji, who works for Yakuza to save money and pay his debt with his pet devil, Pochita.

His main goal is; Simple life with delicious food and a beautiful girlfriend by his side. But greedy Yakuza betrays him, which leads him to his death, but his pet Pochita saves his life by signing a contract with him by which he can transform into a hybrid of chainsaw and a man, which eventually become the title for Denji to regain its power in chainsaw man form, Denji needs to drink blood.

This makes him a threat to society, so Public Safety Bureau’s elite, Makima, lets him in and makes him a Devil Hunter. He accepts the offer to fulfill his naive dream, and after that, he is forced to work with Aki Hayakawa and a fiend named power.

Chainsaw Man: Episode 7- Recap

Denji makes Eternal Devil look pitiful as he slashes him continuously for three days and at last Eternal Devil accepts his defeat, and Denji kills him. Due to this, all of them get out alive. While Denji was fighting the Eternal Devil, Himeno remembered a conversation with Kishbe. Kishbe said that Devils would fear the devil hunters, who aren’t completely sane in their minds, and Himeno thinks Aki is too sane for this job.

While on the Job, Himeno suggests Aki giving a welcome party to the newbie would make Division 4 bond strong. Aki invites Makima to the Welcome Party, and Himeno wonders if Makima knows about Denji’s secret. At the party, Denji reminds Himeno about their deal, as she tells him she needs a few more drinks to fulfill his deal.

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The introduction of the newbie starts with Arai telling about his contract with Fox Devil, and Kobeni wants to keep a secret about her devil. Power fights with Kobeni about IQ, and she doesn’t even know what IQ is all about. Finally, Makima joins the party in the middle of Denji and Himeno’s conversation about the kiss that makes Denji nervous in front of Makima, and he tries to divert the topic.

Meanwhile, Aki asks Makima if she knows about Denji, and she puts up a challenge to out-drink her, and then she will tell, but Aki fails. After that, Himeno kisses Denji, but she vomits in his mouth. After the party, Himeno carried Denji and took him to her apartment in a drunk state.

Hemino Vomits on Denji

Chainsaw Man: Episode 8- Release Date & Time

Episode 8 of chainsaw man will be out on 30 November, Wednesday according to Japan Standard Time(JST), but in the United States, it will air on 29 November, Tuesday. For international viewers, it will be on 29 November,

  • At 12 pm – ET ( Eastern Time)
  • At 11 am – CT (Central Time)
  • At 9 am – PT (Pacific Time)
  • At 9:30 pm – IST(Indian Standard Time )
  • At 11 pm – PST(Philippines Standard Time)

For 30 November,

  • At 12 am – JST( Japan Standard Time)
  • At 12:30 am – ACST(Australian Central Standard Time)

Chainsaw Man: Episode 8- Preview/Spoilers

Chainsaw Man, Action, Comedy, Devil
Himeno, Chainsaw Man Episode 7

Currently, there are no spoilers available on the internet because the creator and production of Chainsaw man are very strict on Privacy Policy, but Fans can expect the start of a new arc in this season and introduced to a new Villan or show its glimpse to hype up for the Next Season which will be more hardcore than this ongoing anime.

Episode 8 will exceed people’s expectations in every way if the creator the of anime is truthful to its source material and doesn’t censor anything as they did in Episode 7 by censoring the Vomit scene. Also, if all goes as planned according to Manga, The ending of this season will blow people’s minds as this will get darker and more bloody as the story progresses.

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Chainsaw Man: Episode 8- Where to watch?

Chainsaw Man Anime is released on Crunchyroll in some selected countries, but it is also available on Hulu, a streaming service provides owned by Disney Plus. You can stream all episodes of Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll and Hulu. First Episode was released on 11 November 2022.

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