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Blue Lock Episode 1: Release Date, Preview & How to Watch


Last Updated on September 28, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Blue Lock is been talked into releasing as a sports anime soon and is already trending in the shounen community. What is surprising to other weebs is the popularity of this anime before it has even aired. Blue Lock is based on the award-winning manga written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura (previous assistant on Attack on Titan Manga).

We all know the scour of hype Attack on Titan has reached, and thus, it is no doubt that the same level of expectations is being kept from Blue Lock as well. Blue Lock is focused on training the world’s greatest egotist striker by isolating 300 young forwards in Blue Lock (a prison-like institution). The main lead is supposedly named Isagi Yoichi, who unluckily loses and gets eliminated in the qualifier for nationals and then is invited to the rigorous program of Blue Lock. 

A facility like Blue Lock sounds quite terrifying but wait till you hear about their coach. With a name like Ego Jinpachi, we can only imagine how ruthless of a coach and character he will be. His main ideal goal is to “destroy Japanese loser football” and treat the young forwards to a radical training regimen so as to find and make the world’s egotist striker since, among all the forwards, someone will have the skills.

Jinpachi is hired by the Japanese Football Association to turn around the performances of the Japanese team at the FIFA World Cup because of their bad performance and simultaneously losing, after which Jinpachi devises the plan and identifies that what Japan lacks is a selfish, egotistical striker that cares about nothing more than scoring goals.


Blue Lock: Official Trailer

Blue Lock Episode 1 Preview 

Blue Lock is created as a training camp for identifying and creating amongst the best high-school talents in Japan-one striker. However, like always, there’s a catch. From the 300 students, only one player will become Japan’s striker, and the rest will be banned from ever representing the national team. We can imagine the competition we are about to see as students with the same ambition are locked in prison to train what is for the only goal of their life that too with just one position available.

The protagonist is an ambitious student- Yoichi Isagi, who has big dreams to represent Japan on the world stage and in FIFA. Little does he know that Blue Lock is filled with so many more people like him who wish to do the same. Fans can be excited to hear that the coach Jinpachi Ego will be voiced by the popular Hiroshi Kamiya (the voice actor of Levi in Attack On Titan).

Blue Lock is primarily termed to be a sports anime but fits in other categories as well. Blue Lock uses shounen manga storylines to deliver adventure, action, and a little bit of drama to the audience. This is the reason why Blue Lock is already hyped up before its scheduled release as compared to other sports anime. 

Blue Lock Episode 1 Release Date 

Blue Lock Anime will have 24 episodes and will release the 1st episode on 9th October 2022 in Japan or 8th October in Europe and North America. The first episode of Blue Lock anime is titled “Dream,” and being part of the Fall 2022 anime season, fans can expect high-stakes action with suspense and smooth animation across the 24-episode series.

Due to issues with the TV slot premiere: Blue Lock Episode 1 will be available to watch at 1:30 AM on October 9th in Japan, 9:30 AM according to Pacific Time (8th October 2022), and 11:30 AM according to Central Time (8th October 2022). The anime will be released in the UK at 5:30 PM and in India at 10:00 PM.

Watch the promotional video of Blue Lock released by The official handle of Blue Lock’s Twitter Handle

Blue Lock Episode 1: Where to watch

Blue Lock will be aired on TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation block in Japan. For the international audience, Crunchyroll will be streaming the series. However, till now, no details have been revealed about the exact release time of the episodes. One can expect an hour or more delay while waiting to stream the episodes on Crunchyroll.

There are still no updates about the anime being aired on Funimation as well. Blue Lock will air consistently across the Fall and Winter Season 2022 of Anime, and we can expect to bid goodbye to Season 1 by March 2023. Meanwhile, fans can watch similarly related animes like Captain Tsubasa, Whistle, and Hungry Heart: Wild Striker. 

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