Why Was Bruce Arians Fired By The Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

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Why was Bruce Arians fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? With this news, people were left in shock and wondered what had gone wrong. In case you don’t know, Bruce Arians served as the head coach of the aforesaid team from 2019 until 2021. After losing this job, he got positioned as the senior football consultant of the same team. 

Bruce Charles Arians is a professional football executive. Previously, he has served as the coach for various teams like- Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Cleveland Browns, etc. Well, before Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bruce has also played the role of a head coach in developing the players of the Arizona Cardinals. 

Talking about his achievements, Bruce Arians has won the Super Bowl Championship. He is considered the oldest head coach to win this. He pursued his education at Virginia Tech, where he later got into the football team as a graduate assistant. Born on 3 October 1952, Bruce is now 70 years old. He hails from Paterson, New Jersey. Even at this age, Bruce is doing wonders on the field. 

What was the reason behind Bruce Arians resigning from the head coach position of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Did he have any feud with his teammates? Well, in this case, the possibility is less because he remains in the same team but serves in another position. If you are looking for why Bruce Ariana got fired from Tampa Bay Buccaneers, here are your answers. 

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Reason Behind Bruce Arians Getting Fired From Tampa Bay Buccaneers As The Head Coach Revealed

After winning Super Bowl 55, things appeared like Bruce Arians achieved everything from his “career bucket list.” Possibly, this was the primary reason for him to resign from the position. However, some of his fans suspected him of having decided because of his health issues. Why? What happened to him? 

Why Was Bruce Arians Fired By The Tampa Bay Buccaneers?
Bruce Arians

Back in 2007, Bruce Arians got himself diagnosed with prostate cancer. After a few years, in 2013, it was skin cancer. Despite having so many life-threatening issues, he never stepped back and continued doing wonders. At present, he is suffering from a torn Achilles. 

Bruce Arians admitted to having thought about his transition plan during the last offseason period. He left the team, having good terms with everyone. Well, Bruce Arians got replaced by Todd Bowles. The former made sure that by the time he would leave, the latter should have the best opportunity to succeed.

In other words, he didn’t want Todd to be set up for failure, as many other head coaches do. Even the team happily welcomed Todd Bowles and also made the official announcement on its Twitter account. 

In an interview, Bruce Arians shared that he felt comfortable making the leave when Tom Brady didn’t retire but rejoin the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He felt like the team was then in good hands. 

Tom Brady motivated him to make a move by coming out of his retirement. Initially, when he thought of quitting, he failed to do so, as doing that would also make the other coaches lose their job. Why did Bruce Arians so obsessed with Todd Bowles? Why did he want him to succeed him?

Well, he knew the capability of Todd, making Kansas City Cheifs to zero touchdowns in a 31-9 Super Bowl win. Also, he wanted Todd to get the benefit of a great and skillful quarterback on the roster.

In other words, we may say that he was confident enough with both Todd Bowles and Tom Brady. So, it is proved that this former head coach had no feud with his teammates. He made his exit from the role, being on good terms with everyone. 

No doubt, Bruce Arians has always been a good coach. Moreover, he won the title of NFL Coach of the Year twice. Best Wishes to Bruce Arians for the upcoming days of his life. You may give Bruce a following on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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