Best Christmas Movies To Watch on Hulu for 2020


Winter is coming, not a Game Of Thrones joke, winter is actually coming, actually, it’s already here. So what better way to get in a jolly holly mood than to watch some Christmas-themed movies on Hulu! We know the amount of Christmas themed movies, shows, anime, is just probably close to infinite. We’d probably need 100 winters to finish up everything on our current watch list, that’s why we’re dedicating this list to the stuff only on Hulu. This is a much shorter list and helps you decide which movie you want to snuggle up and watch.

Watch every single one of these on HULU

Happiest Season

A perfect rom-com for this cold season starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis, it’s directed by Clea Duvall. The story follows a couple during Christmas time as one of them plans to propose to the other at her family’s annual holiday party. But things go awry when she discovers that her partner hasn’t yet come out to her parents.

So the story follows as both of them work together to break the news to her conservative parents. Supported by a perfect cast the takes the top list for a feel-good movie during this season.

The movie features other actors like Alison brie, Aubrey Plaza, Dan Levy, Mary Steenburgen, and many more.

My Dad Is Scrooge

What’s Christmas without a perfect kids Christmas movie that doesn’t involve talking barn animals. In this one, we follow 2 kids as they try to save a barn during Christmas. Their dad has lost all spirit for the holiday season due to some reason and decided to foreclose their barn, the kids are completely against it. This is the story of how the 2 kids with the help of some weird talking animals restore their dad’s faith in the holidays.

The cast includes Brian Cook, Charles Shaughnessy, Bonnie Wright, Jon Heder, and many more.

A Christmas Movie Christmas

What’s more Christmas friendly than a movie that has the word Christmas in the title twice. We’re pretty sure the word Christmas has been used at least 20 times in this article, but it’s Christmas people!

In this holiday flick, we follow two sisters during this snowy season. Both of them have their own view of Christmas movies, one like them, and the other calling them cliche and predictable. Both of them end up finding dates, falling in love, and suddenly find themselves in a Christmas movie themselves. This is when the story picks up pace. A great flick to watch with your significant other cuddles up in a warm blanket with some hot cocoa.

The cast includes Brant Daugherty, Lana Mckissack, Kimberly Daugherty. Both Brant and Kimberly are also the writers for this one.

A Very Brady Christmas

This one was released way back in 1988 and still is a great Christmas classic, it’s worth the rewatch. The movie follows the Brady family like the title, wherein they try to have the best Christmas day possible but fate seems to be adamant about keeping them apart. The parents, the children, and some other few people want to finally have some good family time because they have been separated from each other way too long.

But situations keep on arising which still keeps them apart, one of them being their father being trapped inside a collapsed building. The Brady family tries to fight through all of these difficulties in time to have the best Christmas day. These are some of the movies we recommend on Hulu, it may be your type, it may not, but Hey! It’s the holiday season, there’s no harm in laying back and trying out every movie you can find. Happy Holidays and Happy Watching!

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