Where Does Ao Ashi Anime End In Manga?

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Ao Ashi Anime

Ao Ashi Anime Ended, and the fans of sports have discovered a new series they can enjoy reading. Although, soccer anime fans don’t need to worry about the show getting a second sequel yet as there is another soccer currently airing. And many soccer fans will love it from the get-go for its unique approach to the sport. It will surely be one of the highlights of the fall anime 2022.

That being said, Ao Ashi’s anime ended on a pretty high note and left fans wanting much more. But the manga has issues that didn’t appear in anime, that being volume. Volume in the amount of story one issue contains, and when compared to anime, it is minuscule and filled with cliffhangers.

Though mangas are primarily written for magazines, a good manga makes the reader buy for the next issue over and over again. Manga is one of the more popular mediums in Japan, and the publishers certainly like to keep it that way. ( Fun Fact: More paper goes into the manga industry because of its high demand, even more than toilet paper).

Ao Ashi

Preview of Ao Ashi Anime’s Finale

The anime ended on a positive and left a lot for a potential season 2. The last few episodes were about Esperion’s match against Musashino and showed how Aoi has grown as a character in the 24 episodes. Though he started as a character, who was mostly brawn and relied on his intuition more than his skill. His enrollment into Esperion changed all that and showed how he became one worthy of his opponents. But this is only the beginning for Aoi as new challenges await him in the future, one of them being accepting Hana’s feelings.

Throughout the series, Hana has shown herself to be one of the strongest character female characters in the series. Not only that, but she also got character growth as the series went on, supporting characters like her are rare these days. This was why fans of the series are elated the two develop for each other slowly but surely, but even in Manga, the fans are not sure when the two of them are finally gonna get together. Though the two will come together eventually as time goes on. It would be nice if the two develop up to be a couple and not through time-skip, as it would undermine the originality of the manga.

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One of the reasons Ao Ashi anime, and by contrast the manga, is loved is for its realism. Captain Tsubasa left quite a mark in the imagination of viewers when it comes to soccer anime. And seeing an anime attempt to work on real issues and be grounded to problems down to earth, the manga gains a lot of traction. On the other hand, its rival, Blue Lock, takes an unreal approach that throws tradition out of the window and gets a new result, and purposefully defies reality. Ao Ashi is anything but that.

Seeing as the two have gotten closer over time, the manga will become one of the chief interests for Ao Ashi anime viewers to learn more. And it is one of those stories that was high in regard before it got an anime.

Ao Ashi Anime
CC: Ao Ashi Franchise

Where Should you read from manga after Ao Ashi Anime?

Ao Ashi Anime Ended in chapter 117 of the manga, but when it comes to shifting medium, it is always recommended to start from the beginning. And the chapter number alone would have made it clear that there is quite a lot of stuff that was cut to make it a full-length cohesive show. Watching anime, you will not feel this way, but the nuanced take on small things is something anime can’t offer.

And by starting from the first chapter in the manga, you won’t have to worry about rewatching the show to jog your memory of the series. The series going forward will have Aoi learning to get better at his skills while also dealing with the heated tension between his teammates.

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