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When Will One Piece Anime Return to the Fight in Wano?

Kaidou and Big Mom vs Wors Generation
Kaidou and Big Mom vs Worst Generation

One Piece anime has finally started with Wano arc act two, and this had the raid that Kinemon and his allies have been planning start. It is yet the fire festival night, and the big fight is about to start. We saw Luffy and his team struggle to beat Kaidou and were sent to prisoner’s mines. But now Luffy has taken over Udon, and Kinemon managed to gather all his allies. Everything is set up, and the straw hats are moving to go and confront Kaidou at last. 

This is an exciting event; the big moment that Luffy will finally confront Kaidou is finally here. In the last episode of One Piece anime, a big cliff hanger just happened. Kinemon went to the rendezvous point with his allies. But when they got to Tokage port, everything was destroyed, and Luffy and the others were nowhere to be found. Orochi has shown us his full plan that he had and used it to sabotage Kinemon’s plans. 

Finally, he also had his Oniwabanshu destroy all bridges leading to the rendezvous point. This clearly shows that Orochi has a good information network and know everything about Kinemon’s plans. Now it looks like the plan is doomed, and Momonosuke asks Kinemon to try another day again. But with the progress that they have made this far. Kaidou won’t overlook it and would kill them all after the celebration.

One Piece Episode 961 will continue with the developments in the anime on the weekend. But it looks like that might be a while as One Piece Anime is now focusing on Wano’s past first. For full details on the anime’s latest episode, you can read One Piece Episode 960 Review. The last episode of the anime took a detour from the upcoming fight.

One Piece Episode 960 Starts to Look at Wano’s Past 41 Years Ago

Wano Country

Wano Country

When the raid is about to start, and upon what looks like Kinemon’s demise, One Piece anime changed storytelling to Wano’s past 48 years ago. So from now, we won’t see the Straw Hats for some time while we first learn about Wano’s past. For more details about Wano’s past, you can read One Piece anime revisits Wano before it was destroyed. We talked more about wano and its history over there. But for now, let’s take a look at the break from the current timeline that the anime is taking. 

This is almost like a filler, but it is important to the story build-up, and it also appears in the manga, so it has to appear in the plot. One Piece Episode 960 made it look like theKinemon’s plan has failed. And before the anime can reveal what has actually happened, we have to learn more about Wano country and its history. That will be quite a cliff hanger if you are an anime-only fan. Because the manga part that the next One Piece episodes will adapt span for several chapters.

So if you don’t follow the manga, you will have to wait for a while to find out what happened to the straw hats and Kinemon’s group on the night of the fire festival. The storytelling of Wano country’s past has just started in the last episode. That will be going on for some episodes to come. And in case you were wondering when will One Piece anime return to the fight against Kaidoiu in wano, then we will be breaking it down soon. Oden has appeared in the anime, Momonosuke’s father, and the anime will now show how he became the Shogun.

When Will One Piece Anime Return to The Fight in Wano Country

Zoro, Killer and Law

Zoro, Killer, and Law

The big fight against Kaidou is here, but fans will have to wait through Wano’s past to see what happened to Kinemon and the straw hats. If you follow the manga, you already know what will happen, and you should also check out One Piece Chapter 1003 spoilers. If you are a non-spoiler person, you can read more about the One Piece Chapter 1003 release date. The latest chapter of the manga came out last weekend, and the next one will be coming over the weekend. If you don’t follow the manga at all and are anime-only fans, then let us figure out how many more episodes until One Piece anime returns to the Ongashima raid then you will find out what happened to Kinemon and his allies.

One Piece started to tell about Wano’s history of 41 years ago in One Piece Episode 960. According to One Piece Fandom, in the manga, this was from One Piece Chapter 960 on manga pages 2 to 17. At the pace that the anime is adapting manga chapters to anime, this will take at least 14 episodes. Right now, the manga adapts almost a full chapter with some pages left.

It means that Wano’s history will run from One Piece Episode 960 to at least One Piece Episode 973. This corresponds with the manga since the manga returned to the Onigashima raid in the One Piece chapter 974. So Wano country’s past will run for at least 14 episodes, with the first episode already out.

One Piece anime will continue with the Onigashima raid at port Tokage from around One Piece Episode 974. If the anime continues without interruptions, that would be in at least 14 weeks, which means that One Piece anime will return to the fight towards the end of May or by June 2021.

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