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Why Did Richard Osman Part Ways with Pointless?

Last Updated on September 24, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

BBC One’s television show Pointless, the famous and absurd quiz show where contestants have to choose the most incorrect and rarely-thought-of answer to win the show, is now going to go on without one of its key performers. Richard Osman was the one who came up with the idea for Pointless, which launched back in 2009, and was responsible for introducing it to BBC. He then began co-presenting it with his friend, Alexander Armstrong and the show proved to be a great hit, not just on British television but all over the world!

After over 12 years on the show, it’s obvious that fans have grown attached to their casual evening tea-time TV program, so when Osman announced his desire to step off the show, BBC was immediately hit with a storm of disappointed and shocked fans of the show. Richard Osman held his ground on leaving the show but also clarified that even though he wouldn’t be present on the daytime version of Pointless anymore, he would still show up on the celebrities’ version. 

What Did He Plan On by Leaving the Show?

Richard Osman has always made it clear how much he loved Pointless and that working with his former college friend, Alexander Armstrong, had been a joy, but each individual has their own dreams and ambitions. On the British daytime television show This Morning, Osman was questioned about his intentions to leave. 

“Doing a daily show, it takes a lot out of you,” Osman said good-naturedly. “I want to give them a good time, and so, I’ve always put in a hundred percent, so it’s exciting for everyone. And I was getting to a point where I don’t think I don’t have time to give a hundred percent to everything.” 

Osman admits that he has other things that he wants to focus on (and there’s a lot), which includes his other show, House of Games, and time to commit to his writing. “I’ve done twelve years of it, so I thought if one thing could go—because I love doing House of Games and I love doing the writing, so you know what? Let someone else have a go at it.” He told the show hosts and the audience at the time. 

During the last episode’s recording, Richard Osman, 51, paid tribute to his co-presenter and friend on television. At the time of recording, only Armstrong knew of his intention to leave the show.

The two, who had worked together for nearly twelve years, shared a great bond which made the show that much more pleasant for audiences. This moment was then shared by Osman on Twitter so that BBC fans could share this heartfelt moment with the Pointless presenters. 

Currently, the show is being co-presented by actress and host Sally Lindsay, who voiced her excitement at being on the show with senior presenter Armstrong. Though viewers were not keen on this change, Richard defended Sally on Twitter and expressed how excited he was to be the one watching the show as she took over his previous role as host. 

“The first time I’ve ever been able to watch Pointless and actually play along without knowing the answers already.” He tweeted and then wished good luck to Lindsay. Richard also took it upon himself to publicly abate the backlash that Sally received from being a new host on social media platforms. After presenting for more than 12 years, it’s obvious that his experience was far superior to what he was aware of. 

Apart from his seat at House of Games, Osman, author of the best-selling novel “The Man Who Died Twice,” has used up the time that he left Pointless to write. His writing career has also proved successful as the third installment of “The Thursday Murder Club” is now out, a series which has already neared 6 million sales.

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