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Where to Watch Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6?

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6
Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6

Tale of 1000 stars is a Thai television drama series that covers the story of a volunteer teacher who basically died in a tragic accident. It has released a total of 5 episodes and the 6th one is yet to come. In the previous episode, The scene starts with Dr. Nam driving Tian to the city, Tian takes his hands out of the car’s window to feel the wind. This reminds Dr. Nam of Torfun, Dr. Nam tells him about her, even Phupha mentioned her as Tian reminds him of her.  This takes Tian into a flashback, where Phupha asks him questions about Torphun’s badge in his possession, Tian answers that maybe she forgot about it in the past. Coming back to the present as they pass through the hill in a jeep soon reaching Chiang Mai.

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 5 Recap

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6

Dr. Nam goes running an errand leaving Tian on his own. Tian gets a call from Tul, his old friend, he tells him he’s coming to chin Mai to meet him and cuts the call. On the other side, in the village Phupha comes to know that Tian has left for the city and is worried about him. Dr. Nam and Tian meet again to have lunch at the restaurant, after some small talk, Tian recognize a big shot, who’d a fight with him way back, and he points them to ask Dr. Nam about their identity, Dr. Nam explains that that big shot is into illegal activities, though he performs charity, he smuggled from the forest. Soon after that Dr. Nam comes to know that Tian had a tussle with him. When they ask for a check, it has already been paid by the guest who they were discussing.

Dr. Nam and Tian were about to leave when Tian gets a call from his friend Tul. Tul and Tian are enjoying together, when they discuss their life, Tian tells him about his inconvenient experiences, Tul asks him, whether it makes sense to stay there? He asks whether there’s something more than volunteering and village experience that is holding him there, Tian just reveals that he’s gay and Tul takes that with a pinch of salt, giving almost no unexpected reaction, then Tian tells him about the chief, and Tul encourages him to tell him about his love for him, but Tian says he’s confused whether it’s his heart or he’s not gay. Soon Tian says goodbye to his friend.

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Tian and chief meet again when shows up at Chian Mai with a jeep. Tian and chief have alone time together, as chief misses Tian very much when he was away. When they’re back to the village, Tian invites Phupha to kite-making in the school with children. Chief and his officers visit the school, where they reminiscent about when Tian was troubled and wouldn’t last in the village, but he’s now so involved with the villagers, that they cannot recognize his new self to the old. While making kites, Tian comes to know that the chief is good with kites, then chief explains that he was from a poor family where making kites and playing was the best activity he could afford. On the plain hill, children, chief, and Tian try out the kites which they built, but something unexpected happens to Tian, as he falls on his back facing the sky.


Pirapat Watthanasetsiri as Phupha is An army officer who has a cold exterior. Sahaphap Wongratch as Tian Trouble magnet has a heart implant from Torfun, a volunteer teacher. Sarunchana Apisamaimongkol as Torfun Who dies, and donates her heart to Tian. Nawat Phumphotingam as Tul. He’s Tian’s best friend. Krittanai Arsalprakit as Nam He’s a village doctor.

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6 release Date

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6 will be released on 5th March 2021, and you can watch it on GMM25, every Friday 08:30 PM. So far we learned that Tian is still confused regarding his love for the chief, can he explain himself to the chief? can he come out of the shadow of his feelings of familiarity coming from the transplanted heart of Torun. Chief has a love for Tian, Is he going to confess to him first? Or Tian is going to confess his conflicted feeling for the chief? At the end of the episode he collapses, and in the preview of episode 6, it is shown that Tian is waking up in the hospital bed from his slumber. All our queries are going to be answered in episode 6, till then we can cross our fingers and wait for its release!

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