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How To Watch Fixer Upper: The Castle Episodes? Streaming Guide

where to watch Fixer Upper: The Castle
How To Watch Fixer Upper: The Castle Episodes?

How to watch Fixer Upper: The Castle episodes? This has become one of the frequently asked questions related to this show,’ and the followers want to learn about it. But before we reveal the release date for Fixer Upper: The Castle Season 1 Episodes online along with Fixer Upper: The Castle Season 1’s streaming details, here’s a short description of the plot of the series. 

The Castle exemplifies the dedication and hard work needed to restore the legendary castle “Waco” to its former splendor. Near this episode, Chip & Joanna Gaines are seen remodeling a nineteenth-century castle in Waco, Texas. They face numerous challenges along the way but care to maintain the Castle’s original magnificence.

The Cottonland Castle structure is situated close to Waco, Texas. It cost $75,000, or about $2 million today, to complete in 1913. The 4,300 square foot properties are among the most exciting projects for the husband and wife remodeling duo of Fixer Upper and the Magnolia brand.

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Fixer Upper: The Castle Season 1 Recap

The premiere episode of season one was titled “We Got a Castle”! We observed that. Chip and Jo tour the Castle, learn about its history and make plans. On October 14, 2022, the second episode, “Floors, Doors, and More,” aired. We observed that. Jo develops her vision for the Castle’s future and commissions distinctive artwork with the aid of her style team.

Chip now has to decide what can be fixed and restored to its former glory and what cannot be fixed. The transmission took place on October 21, 2022. The third chapter was titled “The Tale of Color.” We observed that. Based on the history of the Castle over the past century, Jo develops new paint hues.

However, she and Chip decide to significantly speed up renovations by making important choices regarding the interior flooring, tile, and stone walls on the exterior. The transmission took place on October 28, 2022. The fourth episode’s subtitle was “Old is New Again.”

The installation of beautifully repaired wood pieces with recycled tile from Europe is starting to restore the Castle’s previous splendor, but unanticipated flood damage costs Chip and Jo money. The fourth episode aired on tv on November 4, 2022. The sixth episode was titled “Getting It Right.” We noticed that Chip and Jo worked on perfecting the ornamentation of the Castle in the last stages of the building.

where to watch Fixer Upper: The Castle

A visual from Fixer Upper: The Castle.

Due to a kitchen design problem, Chip demands a last-minute alteration order to rebuild the windows and the worktops, while Jo is shocked at the Silos.

What Time Does The Fixer Upper: The Castle Season 1 Releases Its New Episodes?

Fixer Upper: The Castle Season 1’s episodes are released every Friday. The latest episode, 6, is set to debut on November 18, 2022. Fixer Upper: The Castle S1, episode 6, will release on the Magnolia network channel at 9 pm in the US. International followers of the show can watch Fixer Upper: The Castle season 1’s episodes at 7.30 am IST (Saturday), 11 am KST (Saturday), 2 am GMT (Saturday), and 1 pm AEDT (Saturday). 

How To Watch Fixer Upper: The Castle Episodes Online?

On HBO Max or Discovery Plus, viewers and fans can watch both the newest and oldest episodes of Fixer Upper: The Castle season 1. However, it would help if you were subscribed to view the show.

where to watch Fixer Upper: The Castle

The duo from Fixer Upper: The Castle.

You may join Discovery + for $4.99 a month to get access to over 60,000 parts of semi-fiction content from all categories. The more costly option includes advertisements, which is the primary distinction between it and this one, which is why this plan is frequently referred to as an “ad-lite” package.

HBO Max offers two different membership fees, with the choice of paying in full in advance to save 20% or paying on a rolling contractual basis. The package price with advertisements is approximately $9.99 a month and $99.99 a year. The package without commercials, meanwhile, runs about $14.99 per month or $149.99 annually.

What Are The Expectations From Episode 6 Of Fixer Upper: The Castle Season 1?

A Royal Reveal is the name of Fixer Upper: The Castle, season 1, episode six. The most challenging task Chip and Jo undertook—a total repair of a four-story castle that was originally built in the early 1900s—is finally finished, as we will see.

We will see them outline the procedure they will employ to blend a classic style with modern comforts and reveal the finished design towards the end of the episode. To view Fixer Upper: The Castle season 1, ep 6, when it airs in their country, the viewers must double-check the times we listed here.

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