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Crash Course in Romance Episode 15: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Crash Course in Romance Episode 14 recap
Crash Course in Romance Episode 15 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Crash Course in Romance Episode 15’s release date is here. Fans of this new Korean comedy about a middle-aged couple are eager to learn everything there is to know about the latest episode. We heard you: this post will reveal Crash Course in Romance Episode 15’s release date and spoiler guide. Let’s recap the last episode first.

The episode opens with a flashback that reveals Dong-hui first captured Hae after she saw him point his catapult at Haeng. Of course, the student-managed a cunning escape just to be hit by a car. Amid this emergency, Dong-hui pulls out Hae’s phone, composes a false note of suicide, and dumps the phone on the ground.

As soon as word of Hae’s hospitalization spreads, Chi and her family immediately depart for the facility. Although it’s hectic, the cool-headed star tutor manages to put everyone at ease until the crucial “in recovery” light flashes up.

The doctor then regrettably reports that after a successful operation, Hae is still unconscious. As a side note, Dong is exceedingly cynical when he finally arrives at the hospital. It is reasonable to assume that he wishes to know if his victim will survive.

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A quick recap

Upon learning of Hae’s injury, Sun, Geon, and Dan rush to the hospital, but Yeong and Jae are ordered away to take care of the nation’s finest banchan. Haeng learns that according to the student’s phone message and the driver’s dash camera video, which purportedly shows her jumping in front of oncoming traffic, the authorities suspect this was a suicide attempt.

Crash Course in Romance Episode 14 recap

A still from the show.

The idea is that the stress of applying to colleges led to such severe behavior, which deflates the listener. Haeng laments her lack of awareness of Hae’s academic struggles and places the blame on her obsession with her love life. Chi quickly reassures his partner that she is not to blame, but he continues to think about what the student could have intended to say to him at the meeting he turned down. Jae vents his feelings to Yeong, lamenting his helplessness in light of Hae’s predicament and breaking down in tears.

Seo must confront a guilty Sun in her office who wants to come clean now that he thinks Hae tried to commit suicide, despite promising the education head there is no way they can be discovered. The lawyer is shocked to learn what happened and urges her son to “cool down and think logically” simultaneously. Seo continues, acknowledging that her goal is for Sun to enroll in a reputable university rather than for him specifically. “Your career is all out there,” she says. But, when asked if she is happy, the lawyer stumbles in her pleading.

Dong then disregards Chi’s requests, ensuring that the math camp is organized and conducted despite his superior’s reluctance to “put on a show.” Sua gets enraged when she overhears her mom talking about Hae, yelling, “That could’ve been me.”

Crash Course in Romance Episode 14 recap

A still from the show.

A drunk Seo also contacts her husband, asking how she ended up the way she did and finally confessing that she is “scared” of her actions because she had even entertained the concept that Sun-close Jae’s friend dying might be beneficial.

Haeng-seon observes markings on Hae’s palms while they are at the hospital. Su-a, who did poorly on her midterms, is displaying signs of “stress-related problems with anger management due to university admissions,” Su-hui learns from a psychiatrist acquaintance at the same time.

Geon-hu has to prevent the great achiever and guilt-ridden Sun-Jae from taking their own lives simultaneously. Heeding Geon’s advice to address his situation, “Head on,” Sun-Jae walks to Jong’s office and is prepared to tell the instructor the truth.

Haeng bravely rejects the police’s flimsy allegations that dispatching Hae on errands was a contributing factor in the attempt on her life and asks them to reopen the investigation. Chi-yeol approaches his assistant after learning Dong-hui lied about his efforts to postpone math camp and questions whether he has continually been “slyly managing” the star tutor’s school position.

These allegations are refuted, but the private teacher is more worried that he was duped. Dong-hui justifies his actions by saying, “I didn’t want you to become a joke,” before listing several unhealthy factors that, in his opinion, made Chi “a professional” at his trade.

Crash Course in Romance: Episode 15 Release Date

Crash Course in Romance Episode 15 release date is March 4, 2023. Crash Course in Romance Episode 15 will debut via tvN at 9 pm KST in Korea. Fans abroad can stream Crash Course in Romance Episode 15 at:

  • 7 am EST
  • 5.30 pm IST
  • 12 pm GMT

Crash Course in Romance Episode 15: Where to Watch

Crash Course in Romance Episode 15 will stream via Netflix at times listed above. Netflix’s most common plan will cost around five dollars.

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