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Crysis Remastered Release Date & All You Need To Know

Crysis Remastered release date
Crysis Remastered

Crysis Remastered is an action-packed FPP shooting video game series, created and developed by the famous German developer, Crytek. The thrilling video game’s story revolves around a handful of military protagonists, who are enabled with powerful nano suits, which are so technologically advanced that it allows the military protagonists to gain enhanced physical strength, stunning speed,  the much-needed defense, and powerful cloaking abilities.

Although all of this sounds very simple to achieve, it is eventually not! Once you’re in the environment, you face enemies that are constantly on your tail, giving you a very hard time. And this is just the beginning of what is yet to come in this thrilling survival video game. Once you’re in, you begin your trail to either face the Koreans or the extraterrestrial enemies that are scattered around the mysterious island near the coast of the Philippines.

Crytek revealed that Crysis Remastered will also be available on Nintendo Switch and PS4 so that no gamer will ever find it difficult to get his/ her hands on this perfectly created and created an action-based video game.

Alongside high graphics and stunning storyline, you will witness very dramatic gameplay, that forces you to personally experience the life your character has, this is surely a nail-biting experience as you never know, who is going to be the next one to attack you or where will the next bullet come from! All of this action, just like the icing on the cake, filled with survival adventure and strategic gameplay.

What can you expect from Crysis Remastered?

The video game takes you to the future, where a massive ancient alien built structure has been found, resting inside a huge mysterious mountain of the very real but fictional islands, called the Lingshan islands near the coast of the Philippines.

The single-player battle will have you play the heroic role of a soldier, Jake Dunn, who is from the very skillful, Us Army Delta Force. In the game, he is referred to as Nomad. And Nomad is armed with his very advanced and high tech futuristic nano suite, which makes sure, the survival is easy enough.

In this heroic game, you will fight both the extraterrestrial enemies alongside some challenging environments and the evil North Korean. With an amazing addition of better texture, Crysis Remastered is going to utilize advanced technologies like SSDO, Ray tracing, SVOGI, reworked lighting, temporal anti-aliasing, motion blur, volumetric fog, screen-space reflections, and parallax occlusion, adding a very high textured and realistic touch to the game.

After having a fantastic run with Crysis and Far Cry, the makers of the game have significantly added some mind-blowing features in the remastered version of Crysis and, as its name itself suggests, remastered! You’ll be able to live scenarios that can challenge your vivid imagination and push you in another world of action and survival.

When is Crysis Remastered going to release?

Crysis Remastered will be released in the Summer of 2020. The makers of this stunning game revealed that we would be blessed by the remastered version of Crysis anytime soon in the coming summer of 2020! Isn’t this just a treat for our much-awaited summer? What better than having our hands on a fresh glass of soda, some crispy wafers, and this thrilling video game.

That’s quite a good summer idea! The creators of the game are still trying to expand its compatibility options due to which they’re taking some time, but once that’s done, we will have our minds blown and hearts won by this brilliant adventure trail based video game. After their hit release, the Crysis trilogy, Crysis Remastered, marks the comeback of Crytek and its extraordinary work in the field of video games.