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Anime Review – Back Arrow Episode 2

Back Arrow Episode 2
Back Arrow Episode 2

Back Arrow episode 2 was released for the week as the anime marks its second week from its debut. Back Arrow started last week for the Winter 2021 anime season. From the first episode, we expected a Gundam based anime and story build-up. Back arow takes a different approach to Gundams and introduced bind warpers that people wear like armbands. The manifest based on the wearer’s convictions and forms a Gundam like a Breiheight that people use to fight. 

Strangely, this is all happening inside Linglad, a world surrounded by walls. Nothing exists beyond the walls; at least, that is what the citizens believe. But when Back Arrow, a man who claims to come from beyond the walls, fell from the skies. Nobody thought what he had to say. He fell in the village at the outskirts of the kingdom of Linglad, where this story takes place. The first episode saw Back Arrow show his strange powers using a bind warper he came with. 

Since he attracted people from the nearby kingdom, he had to defend the village as it had only one bind warper warrior. She lacked experience in using bind warpers, and Back Arrow had to turn in and rescue her. Bind warper powers work using the wearer’s convictions, and since Back Arrow has not decided on his conviction. His bind warper formed a flexible warrior that is immune to attacks.

Back Arrow episode 3 will continue the anime story next week, and it will be available for streaming on Funimation. The anime’s dubbed episodes will release later, and for now, only subbed versions are available. Back Arrow seems to be an exciting anime and has a lot of mysteries surrounding it. 

Back Arrow forms a Pact With Shu Bi.

Back Arrow Episode 2

Episode 2 – Back Arrow and Shu Bi

Shu Bi, a genius leader of one of the two kingdoms in Linglad, trailed Back Arrow down to the village. He saw all his fights and developed an interest. After successfully defending the village, Back Arrow set on his journey towards the walls. He lost his memories and wanted to find out more about the world outside the walls. He managed to stay in his bind warper form for about five hours. The average person can do this for at most an hour, which was his first time using a bind warper. 

All this information was interesting to Shu Bi, who watched over Back Arrow for a long time. While on his journey, Back Arrow realized that the walls appear to be very far. He was exhausted and collapsed, but when Shu Bi caught up with him, he told him that he intends to help him. Shu Bi wants to find out what lies beyond the walls, and it is also the same place where Back Arrow comes from. Their goals are aligning, so they intend to help one another. But this was on the condition that Back Arrow will wait for a few days in the village. 

They agreed, and Back Arrow returned to the village. News of the mysterious Back Arrow that has a very powerful bind warper reached neighboring kingdoms. As a result, a lot of bind warper fighters came to the village looking for Back Arrow. When the troopers arrived in the village, Back Arrow was not around, and they started killing everyone. The village was now dangerous and a threat to other nations. 

Back Arrow Episode 3 Will bring More details.

Back Arrow Episode 2

Elsha’s Briheight

Back Arrow emerged from a well and defended it, successfully defeating those who came looking for him. But later on, when the villagers told him to leave. He understood that the village had food shortages and could not run sustainably with him living there. So instead, he went hunting for more food, which will be enough for everyone. The strangest thing in Back Arrow Episode 2 was when one of the villagers found a bind warper that came with Back Arrow and tried it.

She seemed to have awakened the powers that appeared in the secrets texts that Shu Bi is studying. This bind warper’s abilities are so powerful that they shook the entire village and almost destroyed it. They only appeared for a brief moment in this episode, and we will see more of them in the next episode. The time for Shu Bi to return to the village is also near. 

And when that happens, we will then see how more things in the secret texts happen. Back Arrow is still looking forward to his journey to the other side of the walls. He wants to understand where he comes from, and on the other hand, Shu Bi wants to know what lies on the other end of the walls. The next episode will have more details about this as Back Arrow continues with yet another new episode.

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