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Why Did Eddie Leave Kickin’ It?

Last Updated on September 29, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

If you’re a 90s kid, chances are you’re pretty familiar with Disney XD and the wide variety of cartoons and TV shows it had to offer during its mid-2000s run. Kickin’ It was one of those many shows that stuck with us as we grew older. The series began with a young boy named Jack who is new in school and gets friendly with the “losers” who art part of the Bobby Wasabi training dojo. Soon, they learn that Jack is actually a prodigy in martial arts and with the help of their instructor, try to convince him to join the Bobby Wasabi Academy. 

Bringing to us beloved actors such as Leo Howard and Jason Earles into a series that was going to be a hit at the time. Alex Jones is no different from the rest of the cast with regard to the sentimentality he invokes in Kickin’ It. In the series, he acts out the role of Eddie Jones, a young boy with a warm and funny personality who likes to hang out with his friends in the Bobby Wasabi Dojo. 

Kickin’ It cast

Eddie was the very first member that joined the Bobby Wasabi Dojo followed by his best friend, Jerry Martinez and has since been part of it. Though he initially joined to receive P.E. credits, Eddie repeatedly shows that he deeply cares about the Bobby Wasabi dojo as well as its members, considering them as close as family. His fun-loving personality and self-confidence through many situations made him an instantly loveable character and Alex Jones did him thorough justice. 

For the first two seasons of the show, we get attached to Eddie as a character as he bonds with others members of the Bobby Wasabi dojo. Though its true that there are few who would consider him as their favorite character, we completely understand if you are one of them! Eddie was one of the relatable members in the show for people who found themselves frequently left out in their own friend groups. Despite always being somewhat of an outlier in the Bobby Wasabi gang, he always remained optimistic and good-natured to his fellow members and was well liked by the audience. 

So Why Was He Taken Out of the Show?

Back in 2011, a little before the first episode of Season 3 of Kickin’ It premiered, there were many theories that came up about why Alex Christian Jones did not end up in the list of cast members anymore. On the very last episode of Season 2, Oh Christmas Nuts, the implication asserts that Eddie most likely left the Bobby Wasabi Dojo due to not having enough credits. Perhaps the reason why Alex Jones left would’ve worked well for this situation too as Eddie was a core member of the team and is unlikely to have been off. 

Much of the audience at the time believed that Alex Christian Jones was kicked off the show for some reason or the other and demanded that he be put back on the show but we’re here to tell you that that’s false news. Unlike the rest of the Kickin’ It cast members who continued to pursue a career in acting, Alex had other plans in mind. After two full seasons playing as Eddie, he felt it was about time to pack up and head back home to Birmingham, Alabama and continue his studies there.

On one occasion, Leo Howard and Dylan Riley Snyder revealed that the reason Eddie was no more on Kickin’ It was because Alex left for England to take care of his grandmother. As he prioritized his personal life more than his acting career, Alex Jones said goodbye to Eddie Jones once and for all in Season 2 of Kickin’ It.

Though does not show up in either Season 3 or Season 4, Eddie remains in the hearts of Kickin’ It fans and his name is brought up consistently now and again whenever millennial kids decide to re-watch some of their favorite Disney XD classics. 

“Eddie was a great addition to the cast and he is pretty good. He’s not my fav character but it means a lot that he was on. But now he has more important stuff to do. Like taking care of his grandma in England.” One fan commented on the Kickin’ It fandom Wiki. 

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