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Anime Review: One Piece Episode 964

One Piece Episode 964
One Piece Episode 964

One Piece anime continues with Wano’s past, focusing on Oden’s voyage with the White Beard Pirates. One Piece Episode 964 saw the birth of Momonosuke while Oden was still sailing with Whitebeard, just like Momonosuke has said before. The arc that covers Wano’s past is vast and will cover more episodes. So we will not get to see the Onigashima raid soon. For more updates on when this is likely to end, you can look at When Will One Piece Return to The War in Wano full article.

For now, we have to look at Wano’s past, which looks interesting already. We have already seen how strong Oden was during his time and was assigned as the first division commander. Even Roger has taken note of his actions and wants to meet with him. Another exciting highlight from the episode is the beginning of the coup by Orochi and his men. Back then, he was just an average peasant.

But his schemes have already started just when Oden’s father is sick, so from here on, we will see how Orochi managed to take the reins and became Wano’s Shogun. These moments prove crucial if one needs to understand Wano’s past and how it came to be an industrial wasteland under Kaido’s leadership. We still don’t know how Kaido came to Wano and why he was interested, so we might soon see how he made it to wano and conspired with Orochi.

One Piece Episode 965 will release on the weekend and will have us seen Oden meet with Roger. Roger has heard about a Samurai from wano and wants to meet him. So far, we have not yet seen Oden read any poneglyphs in the anime, but that might happen soon.

One Piece Episode 964: Momonosuke’s Birth

One Piece Episode 964

One Piece Episode 964

The next episode of One Piece will see Roger make a full appearance. It will be interesting to finally see what kind of man the previous pirate king was. For a moment in the last episode, he appeared looking at the newspaper with Oden’s name on the headlines. We also got to see the young Shanks, who was sailing with Buggy on the same ship. Meanwhile, Oden continues with his adventures as the commander of the White Beard Pirates.

Momonosuke’s birth has prompted Oden to return to Wano soon for safety reasons. Toki wanted to go to Wano for a long time. And now Oden is convinced that it is best to return to Wano for the sake of Momonosuke’s safety. He still wants to continue sailing, so going back to Wano would mean the end of his adventures. But Toki told him that it would be okay to drop her and Momonosuke at Wano while he continues sailing with White Beard.

Next, White Beard heads to Wano; we will see Oden return to Wano after his voyage. But for now, it looks like Oden will next meet up with Roger, who is set to get Oden as one of his crewmates. We know the role that Oden played on Roger’s path to the Pirate King and on the way to laugh tale.

So now the anime will be reaching crucial moments with Roger set to appear next. We have already seen how Teech managed to set sail with White Beard, and at the time, he looked innocent and harmless. But since the anime will not focus much on that end, we are looking forward to how Roger will interact with White Beard and Oden next.

Roger Meets Oden and White Beard

With One-piece Episode 964 reaching an end, we got to see the preview of the next episode, and Roger will be making contact with White Beard. The anime seems to be progressing steadily and do not waste much time on trivial matters. So we have already covered Oden’s Voyage with White Beard, and then next, he will set sail with Roger.

It will be interesting to see the adventures that he will come across from here on. But for now, let’s take it slow, episode by episode, this will eventually end. Then Onigashima raid can continue. You can check our weekly anime news to get a fully updated schedule for this week for more updates. The next episode or One Piece and many other animes will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation for English dubs and subs, respectively.