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How to Watch Tulsa King Online? Streaming Guide

With the show releasing pretty soon, fans are curious to know about how to watch Tulsa King and its streaming guide. Let us talk more about it. The upcoming series is going to feature crime and drama as its main genre, with the entire focus being laid on a mafia capo. There will be turn-ins with the law and other criminal activities, which we can already imagine being a part of this series.

What is new is that we will not see an established mafia man. We will see a man who has been robbed of his work in a mafia and has been exiled into a new city. Here, he will work from the ground up in order to build his proper connections and establish his name among the locals living in this new place. In the lead, we will see Dwight Manfredi.

He is called The General by the local criminal gangs of New York City. But when his mob family decides that they do not have much work for him left at their hands, they send him over to Tulsa. He was in prison for 25 years before the start of the series, and it looks like he has just been released. But his boss now has no use for him in his network.

Tulsa King – Plotline

In Tulsa, we shall see Dwight settling down and trying to distinguish his friends from foes. He goes through a bunch of people and will now have to find a team in the most unexpected of people. Slowly, he will also begin to learn that his mob family also is against him. They might not seem so unfriendly, but they have no love whatsoever in their heart for him.

How to Watch Tulsa King

A still from Tulsa King

This will inspire Dwight, while he is in Tulsa, to build his own crew. The mobs from New York want him to set up a shop in Tulsa and work, but fate has different plans for our lead character. As for the cast members, we will see Sylvester Stallone reprising the role of Dwight Manfredi, The General. Martin Starr will enact the character of Bodhi. Max Casella will play the part of Armand Troisi.

Vincent Piazza will reprise the role of Vince Antonacci. Garett Hedlund will enact the character of Mitch Keller. Dashiell Connery is going to do the part of Clint. McKenna Quingley Harrington will reprise the role of Grace.

Andrea Savage will enact the character of Stace Bealle. Jay Will is going to do the part of Tyson. Domenick Lombardozzi will reprise the role of Charles Invernizzi, also called Chickie. A. C. Peterson will enact the character of Pete Invernizzi. Dana Delany will do part of Margaret.

How to Watch Tulsa King

Tulsa King will release on Paramount Plus at 3 AM Eastern Time. The episodes will be available to stream live from the platform at this date and time. However, you can also stream them at a later hour or at any literal time you would wish to. New episodes will be available on the service every week starting from the 13th of November 2022.

The platform has two levels of subscription. The first basic one, which also will show ads, is priced at 4.99 dollars a month. The higher one is at 9.99 dollars a month and offers an ad-free streaming experience. Fans can also pair this up with a plan for Amazon Prime Video. This bundle will make new users eligible to get a free trial lasting a week. It can be used to your advantage in order to watch Tulsa King for free legally.

Tulsa King Spoilers

The first episode of Tulsa King is titled Go West, Old Man. In this one, we will witness a common introduction to all the characters this season and even Dwight with his whole situation as well. He has come out as an old man, and now that he has set foot in Tulsa, there are a lot of factors to take care of before he starts his own crew. Obviously, a backlash will be received, and people will find it hard to trust him.

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