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How To Watch Inside Job Part 2? Streaming Guide

Inside Job

With the series about to release its new season, fans are curious to know how to watch Inside Job Season 1 Part 2. The shoe features science and fiction as its main genre. Shion Takeuchi has made it an animated sitcom television series. Upon its release, the series was much appreciated by the audience. It was particularly liked for its animation style and plotline. The voice acting was top notch along with comments and opinions which were passed on regarding society and other stuff. The first part has already been released, with the second one right behind.

Inside Job focuses on a comedic environment set up at a workplace. Here, er see a world where conspiracy theories, which we currently have right now about a variety of things, are actually very real and true. Other than that, we also see a focus on Cognito Inc. This is a government organization in America that does shadow work. They are trying to keep all of these conspiracies secret and hidden away while also trying to control the world and the way it thinks.

In the lead, we see a team of characters who are trying to work against this shady work and the conspiracies. It is led by a tech genius named Reagan Ridley. She is currently working at Cognito Incorporation and knows all about the theories. Her work is as a robotics engineer, and she is quite awkward and shy. Ultimately, her plan is to improve society. Her workplace includes other weird characters, such as a reptilian shapeshifter as well as a person who is half human and half dolphin. Then we see a sapient mushroom belonging to the hollow Earth.

How to Watch Inside Job Part 2?

A still from Inside Job

How To Watch Inside Job Part 2?

Inside Job Season 1 Part 2 can be watched easily on Netflix on the 18th of November 2022. All the episodes are expected to drop out on the platform at the same time. The streaming services cost 8.99 dollars per month as a basic recharge plan. These price tiers can be adjusted according to the needs of a user. It goes up to other levels making up the standard version at 15.99 dollars and the premium one at 19.99 dollars.

Inside Job Part 1 Recap

Back in Inside Job Season 1 Part 1, by the ending, we saw that Reagan and her work are actually causing damage to her 3motional well-being. Bear-O is the one who finds all the truth about it. In an attempt to make her happy, he steals a file that would destroy Cognito. But in a frenzy of events, the file accidentally gets destroyed.

Thus, in order to make her happy, Bear-O decides to target the people who are making Reagan unhappy such as her friends. But Reagan is on it and comes to the conclusion that she needs a password in order to change the commands of Bear-O. Although, the issue is that she does not remember what it actually was. She talks with Rand and Brett about the same.

Meanwhile, all her other friends are trying to escape from the wrath of Bear-O. The trio then goes over Reagan’s memory in order to make her remember it all and how she even misplaced such crucial information in the first place. There are various glitches, though, about her past, especially around the time that she met a boy in her childhood.

Soon, they come across the password and are successfully able to deactivate Bear-O. Well, she is pretty angry at Rand for messing with her mind and, thus, fires him from Cognito and even abandons him from her home. But turns out that Rand is going to be the leader of Cognito as J.R. is going to Shadow Prison X. It will be interesting to see how things work out between Reagan and him in the next part.

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