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5 More Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul – Recommendation

Interesting Facts About Ken Kaneki From "Tokyo Ghoul" You Should Know

Last Updated on June 22, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Finished all 4 seasons of My Hero Academia? Can’t control the wait for season 5? We have the best cure; these 5 anime will keep you occupied until season 5 rolls out. Keep in mind if you love My Hero Academia, you’ll, without a doubt, fall in love with these as well.

      1. Little Witch Academia:

This anime might seem like a rip-off of sorts right out of the bat but believe us; it’s not. It’s a very refreshing and fun take on the schools for superheroes kind of storylines.

In Little Witch Academia, we follow the life of 16-year-old Akko. She enrolls at a prestigious witch school to learn to be the best witch in the country and to help other people, even though she has no witch powers herself. She makes many funny friends, meets a lot of wacky and suspicious teachers, and gets into lots of trouble on the way to achieving her dream. Here is the trailer for this anime –

Yes, yes, the similarities are many, but it’s a very fun watch. It has only 25 episodes making it a perfect binge-watch series. You can officially watch Little Witch Academia on Netflix.

      2. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

We follow the life of Saiki K, a teenager with numerous powers like telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, and many more. Even though his powers are only known to a few people, the whole story mainly revolves around Saiki trying to keep it a secret. He often gets into trouble with a lineup of funny and goofy friends, teachers, and also his parents, who make him resort to using his powers.

        3.Assassination Classroom

Super powerful alien lands on our planet, threatening to destroy the world unless a group of students can kill him. Yes, you heard us right, the alien puts out a condition which says that a group of students should kill him or else he will destroy the world. The mind scratching part is yet to come; the alien himself has volunteered to teach and train the kids so that they can kill him. Yup!

Watch the trailer here:

        4. Food Wars

Soma Yukihara is a young creative chef trying his best to surpass his old man as the better chef. This teenager is courageous and confident with his cooking from the get-go and his easily shown as the best, unlike in anime fashion where the protagonist has to work his way up there. Being so good in the food game, he makes a lot of friends and enemies, which keeps the storyline exciting and us on the edge of our seats.

Food Wars has 5 full seasons of tasty and delicious food packed episodes. This is the only anime where you’ll find yourself drooling over most scenes, so we recommend having some snacks nearby as you binge-watch the whole thing. Check out the trailer and watch the whole thing on Netflix:

        5. Naruto

If you don’t know the story of Naruto, you, sir, have been living under a rock. The story of the most fired up ninja and the holder of the nine tails is something which is etched into anime legacy. Amazing storytelling, sublime characters, jaw-dropping battle scenes, and a story packed with drama, romance, comedy, and tragedy makes this an anime that is never to be missed.

All 5 of them have the potential to keep you drawn to your screens without missing a second. Happy watching!

     1. Hunter X Hunter

6 seasons of completely jaw-dropping madness, that’s what you’ll get from Hunter X Hunter.  A gripping story of a kid trying to follow in the path of his dad, during which he comes across some of the most well-written characters you will ever see in an anime.

Hunter X Hunter is known for its bloody action scenes and dramatic punchlines. It delivers the perfect anime vibes and also gives out a certain horror feel. Watch all 6 seasons on Netflix; check out the trailer:

       2. Future Diary

This anime can be seen as something very similar to Tokyo Ghoul. It has a level of teenage drama, fantasy, and that chair gripping effect, which keeps it on par with Tokyo Ghoul.

It’s a Hunger Games type of story, but a completely different take. Participants are put into a death game where they fight to become the next God of the World; each participant is given powers that allow them to see into the future. Watch Season 1 on Netflix; this is the trailer:

      3. Attack On Titan

If blood and gore is your style, then look no further, attack on titan is the anime you’re looking for. This amazing series shows us that a concept where humans go against humongous man-eating titans could have much more to it than the action scenes. The story of this anime is something to be marveled upon; everything is told so beautifully that you feel the pain of the ones on the screen.

Attack On Titan has acquired massive appreciation from all around the world and is seen as one of the best recent anime out there, so it’s without a doubt a must-watch. Here is the trailer:

    4. Akame Ga Kill

Another anime for the blood and gore people out there. But this one also comes with its set of quirky characters. A story of a group of people trying to fix an evil world, told in a way which scares the viewer into thinking who is going to die in this episode, let us tell you, the more important question should be HOW is he or she going to die.

Filled with amazing anime battles and standoffs with an array of super cool characters, it really makes you wish you were part of the protagonist’s journey in saving the world from wretched hands. Find the first season on Netflix; you can watch the trailer here:

    5. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This is easily a personal favorite of many out there. When you think of an anime with dark, serious, and gripping storylines, Full Metal Alchemist is something that comes first into your head.

The anime showcases a wonderful never-ending relation between 2 brothers, addictive world-building, really interesting concepts of alchemy, and most of all, the winning point of this anime is the character development. As you progress through the anime, it really does feel like you’re getting to know the 2 brothers as someone who is close to you; we feel the changes in behavior, the love for one another; that is the art of true storytelling right there. Watch 5 seasons of the anime on Netflix; this is the trailer:

All of this Anime is enough to get your blood pumping; the rush of excitement and a sense of attachment to the characters on screen it projects upon you is something else.

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