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Fahlanruk Episode 10: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Fahlanruk the series
New Episode of Fahlanruk airs soon!

The racy BL drama, Fahlanruk is all set to air another episode this week. Focusing on the lives of two young men, Fahlanruk was first released on September 11th, 2022. Based on the latest episode, it looks like both Fahlan and Sherbet are frustrated with the way things are unfolding in their “Friends with Benefits” relationship.

Fahlanruk is said to be directed by Sakon Tiacharoen, who’s known for his famous works like I Need Romance & Fleet Of Time. Sakon is partnered with Chainarong Tampong, the creator of the Club Friday series. The show is inspired by a novel that goes by a similar name. 

Though the plot of the show is nothing new, the fact that it features the stories of 3 different couples, all so different from each other, is something that’s seen rarely in other dramas of this genre. The recent episode focused more on Ping and Tap, with Tap finally realizing what he feels for Ping.

Fahlanruk: The Story So Far

Both the men, Fahlan and Sherbet are playboys and are shown to be studying at the same university. Fahlan belongs to the economics department and does well in academics as well as other activities. Sherbet on the other hand belongs to the Architecture department but is a skilled musician and plays the guitar at a local cafe & bar. Both of them are major crushes of the girls and boys of the university, and even have a college page that mentions them all the time.

Fahlanruk the series

Fahlan’s and Sherbet’s first meeting

They meet many times by coincidence and eventually introduce themselves. Fahlan and Sherbet end up having a one-night stand, with Fahlan asking if they can meet again. Sherbet tells him that it was just a one-time thing and that he isn’t interested in love. Though things were superficial for Sherbet, Fahlan gets attached to him and continues to pursue Sherbet. They become the talk of the college after a photo of them together becomes viral.

Prince, one of Sherbet’s friends, notices him always ending things with a one-night stand, and to help him through it, he becomes closer to Sherbet. Fahlan notices the duo being close, which leads him to think there might be something between them. Things are later cleared, which leads to Sherbet opening his heart and finally allowing Fahlan’s feelings to be in a safe place.

Just as things were getting better, Sherbet gets injured in a basketball match. Prince, his all-time best friend, takes him to the hospital. The act of deep affection between these friends causes Fahlan to doubt their relationship again.

Fahlanruk Episode 9: Recap

In the previous episode aired on November 6th, 2022, Fahlan and Pink are seen to be enjoying their vacation outside of Bangkok. Pink asks if things are going well between him and Sherbet but he doesn’t reply. They later head back to Fahlan’s house and e accidentally ends up kissing Pink, thinking she was Sherbet. Shocked, Pink slaps him. She later understands that he was missing Sherbet and Fahlan finally reveals the thing that had been troubling him.

Fahlanruk the series

A scene from Fahlanruk

He feels insecure knowing that Sherbet and Prince have been in each other’s lives for so long. Seeing them close makes him frustrated, which was the reason he stopped talking to Sherbet. After the Kissing incident, Fahlan calls Sherbet but hears another man’s voice on the phone. The man was an acquaintance of Sherbet’s friend. 

Fahlan immediately leaves for Bangkok and upon arriving, He barges into Sherbet’s house. Sherbet tells him that he already left, but nothing happened between them last night. Meanwhile, Ping and Tap come across each other, and Ping ignores him to be with Pai.

Fahlanruk Episode 10: Release Date

Fahlanruk Episode 10 will be released on November 13th, 2022. New episodes of the Fahlanruk are aired on Sundays with each episode lasting around 60-65 minutes.

What To Expect In The Next Episode of Fahlanruk?

Pai offers to drive a drunk Ping home, but while he’s unconscious, he kisses him. Tap arrives just in time to see this happening. Fahlan and Sherbet confront each other about their relationship, which no longer seems to fit the category of Friends with Benefits.

Fahlanruk Episode 10: Streaming Guide

All episodes of Fahlanruk are aired on MCOT Thailand, 11:00 am EST. Viewers from the country can also tune in on We TV to watch the episodes On-Demand. The uncut versions of the aired episodes are usually released a day later.  Viewers from America and other countries except for Korea and Japan can watch the show on Gagaoolala. A $7.99 subscription can unlock a wide range of BL dramas on the website. 

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