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Twice Contract End Date: Will the Group Disband?


Twice is fans’ favorite K-pop group, admired by millions of fans worldwide. Ever since their debut under JYP Entertainment, they have been winning hearts with their powerful vocals, bubbly concept, and visuals. The group comprises 9 members from various nationalities:

  • Korean members- Jihyo (leader), Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Dahyun, Chaeyoung
  • Japanese members- Momo, Sana, Mina
  • Taiwanese member- Tzuyu

Twice has always released hit songs with catchy hooks and colorful MVs. The group debuted in 2015 with their album, The Story Begins. The title track. Like Ooh-Ah hit charts just after some time of its release. It peaked at number 6 and 27 on  Billboard charts’ World Digital Song Sales and Billboard Japan Hot 100. Thereafter, Twice has only released hit songs with each album.

Watch their debut stage on MNET:

More importantly, Twice was formed through a Survival show, Sixteen. JYP Entertainment pitted its 16 trainees against each other in a brutal and rigorous competition. The end results were the members that succeeded and showcased incredible talent and improvement. Therefore, Twice’s members were already seasoned, and it is no wonder they kept surpassing themselves with every album they released. Furthermore, the group has been one of the representatives of K-pop outside South Korea, and fans love it.

Twice’s current contract

Twice debut date is October 20, 2015. They are currently under contract with JYP Entertainment- one of the Big 3 K-pop entertainment companies. The CEO, Park Jin-young was involved in the entire processing of selecting the members for Twice and their positions. Jin-young being a K-pop artist himself, has produced and choreographed many of Twice’s songs. So fans have him to thank for Twice’s addictive hook steps in their MVs. Additionally, Jin-young is involved in most of the albums for his artists, such as Got7, Rain, Itzy, NiZiU, 2PM, etc.

Now we know that the contracts in the K-pop industry are generally 7 years long. Therefore, Twice’s contract will expire this October 2022. Fans have been wondering and asking the company for a statement regarding the Twice contract since July 2020. It is highly unlikely that they will choose to go separate after being the top group of JYP and dominating the K-pop market as well.

The good news is that JYP Entertainment finally gave a statement regarding their contract with Twice on July 12th, 2022.

They stated, “Twice, which played a decisive role in establishing the status of K-pop agency JYP, and JYP, who has been a strong supporter of the girl group’s growth as a representative female K-pop act, agreed to renew the contract with confidence“.

Fans were delighted and emotional as they looked back at their journey with Twice. K-pop artists share an intimate bond with their fans and are constantly connected to them through several online platforms. Therefore, they are highly involved with their fans.

In addition to that, the leader of Twice, Jihyo, talked about their decision in detail through a Live session later that day.

Twice’s contract end date

Twice will mark its first contract renewal this October 2022. Fans are secure and happy that all the members have mutually decided to continue. Therefore, Twice will remain under contract with JYP Entertainment for the next 7 years. Their next contract will expire in 2029. Until then fans only have to worry about streaming and enjoying their songs to the fullest.

Twice is currently promoting their album, Between 1&2 with its lead single, Talk that Talk. The album has a unique blend of songs with diverse genres. At the same time, they have managed to keep their signature style of music yet again.

Catch their latest power-packed comeback MV:

Will Twice disband?

Twice has been a hard-working group and has shown incredible growth since its debut. One of its members, Nayeon, recently made her solo debut. The EP album is named, IM NAYEON, with the lead single, Pop. Fans were in for a treat as the K-pop artist showcased her musicality throughout her album. The album reached No. 7 on the Billboard 200 albums chart which is the highest rank achieved by a solo K-pop artist on the chart.

The point is, Twice is at its highest peak and is still climbing higher. There’s no doubt about it. Hence, Twice isn’t disbanding anytime soon for the next 7 years. More so, since all the members mutually decided to stick together through all their hardships.

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