What To Expect From Otherside Picnic Episode 10?

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Otherside Picnic

With many mysterious incidents happening in the Otherside, let’s find out what Otherside Picnic has to offer. Sorawo and Nishina ahs aboard a train heading to their world after saving Akari from Ninja Cats. Sorawo is wondering why Nishina never talked about Satsuki. She thinks that Nishina is just pretending since Satsuki is precious to her. 

The two head to Kozaharu’s house and find Akari waiting for them. Kozaharu told them Akira has been waiting to see them. Akira comments that she tried talking with them at school, but they were all busy. Sorawo asks Akira how she is related to Kozaharu. Akira reveals that Kozaharu is her tutor and told them to enjoy the cake that she brought.

Otherside Picnic Episode 10 Release Date

Otherside Picnic Episode 10 will release on Monday, 8 March 2021, at 11:30 JST on AnimeLab and Funimation. Note that soon we will concluding the episode finale of Otherside Picnic; make sure not to miss any updates. Take a looked at the following. 

Previously on Otherside Picnic Episode 9

They both relax, and Sorawo asks Akari if she has been attacked again. Akira replies no and asks if they have heard about the name Kano Sannuki. The two seem not to know about Kano Sannuki. Akira reveals that it started a month ago, a childhood friend called Natsumi Ichikawa talked with a monkey. That day Natsumi calls Akira for help, telling her about the incident.

The Urban Legend of Kanno Sannuki

Otherside Picnic
Otherside Picnic

Akira shows Nishina and Sorawo the picture of the talking monkey. Nishina looks at it and asks why Natsumi calls it a monkey. Sorawo mentions the phrase that she read from the Kanno Sannuki urban legend. Akira asks her how did she know about that phrase. Sorawo replies that the urban legend is famous on the internet.

 Sorawo said that Kano Sannuki is coming, so show her these teeth. Say you took them by yourself, and she’ll give you some, too. Sorawo asks if the monkey has left anything behind since it was human teeth in the urban legend. Akira replies that Natsumi found some of a few teeth on the ground. She said they were human teeth. Nishina asks if they are supposed to show the teeth to Kano Sannuki.

Sorawo reveals that several days later, an old named Kano Sannuki showed up. When she gave her teeth, as the monkey said, she gave her a few more. After she buried them in her yard, the strange events ceased. The monkey and the old lady appeared again. Nishina asks if it is that all about the urban legend, and she said yes. Kozaharu comments that’s plain-vanilla ending this time. She asks if Kano Sannuki ever shows.

Mysterious Old Lady

Akira reveals that Natsumi has thrown the teeth out, and they both head there. They met with Natsumi, who show them the ground where she met with the monkey. She reveals that after throwing away the teeth, an old lady hung herself. Natsumi is wondering why a stranger would do that in their yard. The police ask different questions, but they didn’t get to the bottom of it. Natsumi reveals all the incident that has happened after the monkey shows up.

They started to investigate, and Akira reveals that maybe the old lady who hung herself is Mr.s Sannuki. Natsumi comments that she was just some old bag and asked if Kanno Sannuki is not supposed to be a monster. They dig near the tree that an old lady hung herself. They find a cremation urn; when they open it, they find that it is filled with human teeth. Sorawo is wondering which teeth are left by the monkey.

Otherside Picnic

Suddenly the old lady appears emerging from evil dark powers. She reveals that she is Kano Sannuki. Se didn’t get the teeth, and she won’t give them any. Sannuki uses her curse and pulls out one of Natsumi’s teeth. The crew decided to fight with her before Natsumi runs out of her teeth. Sorawo told Akari to use her karate, just like when she was fighting Ninja Cats. She told her that Sannuki is not a human.

The Monster

Akira started to exchange blows with Sannuki. She beat Sannuki, who turns into a skeleton and then vanishes. But Sannuki manages to left the battle with only two teeth. Akira shouts to others that she has defeated the monster, and Natsumi is glad that the urban legend will never haunt her. Nishina asks Sorawo what she did to Akira that made her strong. Sorawo said she just looked at her using her blue eye.

Sorawo notices that all girls have long hair except for her she decided that she will try to grow them. She asks Nishina if she will look pretty, and Nishina told her that it would be cute. They both headed back to Kozaharu’s mansion and told her that all ends well. They told Kozaharu everything that happened during the battle. 

Otherside Picnic Episode 10 Preview

Read Otherside Picnic Episode 9; make sure not to miss the last two episodes.

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