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CW’s Kung Fu Reboot: Everything Revealed So Far

Kung Fu Reboot For CW Gets A Release Date
Kung Fu 2021 TV Series

Kung Fu TV series is a reboot of the popular 1970s Kung Fu drama. Kung Fu 2021  is an American series. It is a beautiful blend of Action-Adventure and Drama genres. This reboot Kung Fu version has an American Martial arts association. It is inspired by Kung Fu – Original version produced by Ed Spielman. Kung Fu 2021 is the third Kung Fu TV series, with ‘Kung Fu – The Legend Continues’ being the second.

The present-day adaptation of the 1970s Kung Fu-based series comprises Christina M. Kim as the creator and Hanelle Culpepper, Sarah Schechter, Martin Gero, and Greg Berlanti as the executive producers. The production companies involved are 87 North Productions, Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros Television, and Quinn’s House. The CW, along with several other premiere dates, has revealed the release date for Kung Fu Reboot. The Kung Fu upcoming series is scheduled to be premiered this Spring.

Kung Fu Reboot Release Date

Kung Fu Reboot is all set to be released on April 7, 2021, on The CW at 8 PM. The CW, this Wednesday, listed out its slate for other forthcoming series as well. The Kung Fu Reboot will be followed by the latest episode of ‘Nancy Drew’ – the second season on April 7th.  Apart from this, in order, ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ – 6th season is to broadcast on 2nd May,  ‘Dynasty’- 4th season on 7th May,  the third season of ‘In the Dark’ on June 9th. ‘The Republic of Sarah’ and the latter half of  ‘Riverdale’  season 5 is scheduled on June 14  and July 7, respectively. Fans were curious about the 6th and the last season of ‘Supergirl’, ‘The 100 prequel’ and ‘The Arrow- Spinoff’, which were nowhere on the premiere dates list.

The Cast and Crew

The casting of the series which commenced in the initial months of 2020, was completed by February 2021.  Olivia Liang, known for her work in Grey’s Anatomy, will be seen in the lead role as Nicky Chen. Olivia plays the role of a martial-art expert and a college dropout who works towards stopping the criminal acts and corruption in her community, based in America. Nicky is treated as an outsider by her family. Next, Tzi Ma is cast for the role of Nicky’s father as Jin Chen. Nicky’s father owns a restaurant and is against her daughter’s choices. Nicky’s mother will be played by Kheng Hua Tan as Mei-Li Chen. She, too, criticizes Nicky for the same reason as her dad. For Ryan Chen, Nicky’s brother and medical student, Jon Prasida have been cast.  Shannon Dang will play Nicky’s sister as Althea Chen.

Evan Hartley by Gavin Stenhouse, who is an assistant district attorney, has feelings for Nicky for a long time. Gwendoline Yeo will play Zhilan, a woman with a criminal record who was involved in Nicky’s mentor murder. Zhilan targets her enemy, Niky, in the show. The main casting of the series concludes with Dennis Soong and Henry Chu, for which Tony Chung and Eddie Liu have been cast, respectively.

Kung Fu Reboot For CW Gets A Release Date

Olivia Liang In the Lead Role

The Main Plot

The female-led Kung Fu series works on a contemporary storyline about a young girl – Nicky Chen. Nicky Chen is an American-Chinese college dropout. Nicky is forced to leave her studies and college due to personal problems. After dropping out of her college, Nicky travels to China in a monastery set apart in isolation. This part of her life becomes of huge significance. Once she returns to America from the Chinese monastery, she makes a choice to protect her community by fighting against the elements of the society promoting crime and corruption. Nicky utilizes her martial art skills, and monastery learned values to safeguard San Francisco. Other than this, Nicky is in search of her mentor’s murderer. She does this all while handling her family, who treats her like a stranger.

Kung Fu – Original Series was premiered in the 1970s which ran from 1972-75, completing three seasons. After a long period of nearly 20 years, new TV series titled Kung Fu: The Legend Continues was broadcasted, and it ran for four successful seasons from 1993-97.

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