Did Jon Bon Jovi Cheat On His Wife? Dorothea Bongiovi’s 40 Years Long Relationship

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Did Jon Bon Jovi Cheat On His Wife?
Jon Bon Jovi and his wife (Credits: Getty Images)

Jon Bon Jovi, an American guitarist, and a Rock-Star, is the founder of his boy band, Bon Jovi. In his early days, he went to Sayreville War Memorial High School, where he had eye contact with the love of his life, and he fell for her.

They started dating soon, and after nine years of being in an on-off relationship, they got married. Jon has always seemed to be an ideal guy; while everyone in his band was celebrating the band’s success, he planned a wedding in his mind. He proposed to Dorothea immediately. However, Dorothea was stunned and asked if he was out of his mind, but she said yes.

Without telling anyone, they flew to Las Vegas and married. From the day of the wedding, he said in an interview he could never mess up with any other woman as he loved his wife so much. But what about the statement he gave before marriage? He said he wasn’t a saint. What does that mean? Did Jon Bon Jovi Cheat On His Wife? 

Jon Bon Jovi’s Personal Life

In 1980, the beautiful couple met for the first time, and they started dating later. In the beginning, their relationship was certainly not strong but eventually grew stronger. In 2020, he said in an interview that his wife let him cheat on herself in the past, but he used to be drawn toward her every minute he saw her.

Did Jon Bon Jovi Cheat On His Wife?
Jon Bon Jovi with his wife, Dorothea, and kids (Credits: Getty Images)

This attitude never changes, and he still looks at her in a way. In 1989 after nine years of dating, the couple got married. In those nine years, the couple had a break up too, and Jon dated Diane Lane. But broke up with her in just five months and reconciled with Dorothea. The couple’s made for each other, and fans should just accept it. The rock star was enjoying his success in LA with his band, and he quickly proposed to Dorothea to marry him.

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She, for once, was shocked, but he was convinced, and they flew to Las Vegas and got married. After around four years, they welcomed their first kid, a daughter, Stephanie Rose, who even performed later with her Dad on stage. Just after two years, they gave birth to a son, Jesse James Louis, who grew up and started playing football professionally.

In 2002, Dorothea gave birth to a second son, Jacob, but unfortunately, Jon missed the birth. He didn’t do it purposely. While he was at a hotel for a show, he faced a small issue, because of which he had to switch off his phone.

Dorothea tried calling him, and she wanted to tell him that her water had broken but couldn’t reach out to him. Later, Jon’s manager woke him up with excitement and told him the good news. Jon hurriedly flew back to Dorothea in a private plane and reached just in time.

In 2004, they were blessed with another baby, Romeo. He explained his situation in an interview, saying that he is falling in love over and over again. Once he fell for his wife, then with the birth of each kid, he fell deeper and deeper in love with his family.

Did Jon Bon Jovi Cheat On His Wife?
Jon Bon Jovi in a concert (Credits: Getty Images)

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Did Jon Bon Jovi Cheat On His Wife?

When you hear Jon Bon Jovi in interviews, you can fall for his relationship. When a question regarding his personal life pops up, he answers it in such a manner that it appears as if he is having the best relationship ever. He was once asked in an interview about a November issue.

He said he isn’t a saint and has never been one. He missed several birthdays, his children’s school plays, and whatnot, but Dorothea never made an issue out of that. Since Jon Bon was a rock star, he had to travel a lot, and he continued traveling as he could not leave that life.

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But at the end of the conversation, he says he has always been committed to his family. Further, he said we would never find anything suspicious as he never tried to mess up with other women or never had another family in parallel. He is against that kind of baseless lifestyle.

He was in eighth when he met his wife, so he won’t look for anyone else after being in such a long-term relationship. Jon loves his wife, and he feels it. Further, he said whenever he sees his wife, he falls for her over again. Lucky Dorothea!

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