Henry Mauriss Net Worth in 2020 and All You Need to Know

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Henry Mauriss: a businessman based in the United States and the current CEO of Clear TV Media.


Henry Mauriss is a businessman based in the United States. He is the CEO of Clear TV Media. Mauriss was born in California and is said to be a self-made man by working for various media organizations and credit card companies. He was the former owner of Credit America Corporation. There is no digital footprint available and is said to be a man of mystery with none of his information available on the internet.

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Mohammed Bin Salman: Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia who previously bid for Newcastle United

Recently, Mauriss has his €350 million to buy Newcastle United from Mike Ashley. Newcastle United is a football club that plays in the EPL (English Premier League). Mike Ashley has a contract signed with the Saudi Fund and Rueben Brothers for €300 million. Mauriss is late in laying the bid on the table but is paying €50 million more. He is a passionate fan and as a result of that, he wants to buy the team. There is no output regarding this situation yet.

Net Worth:

Mauriss’ net worth is or valuation is not available to the public. All of his information is a mystery and there is also no data regarding any of the assets he owns. We will update you as soon as we get our hands on any details. So, stay tuned.

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