Kipo Season 3 release Date

Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts Season 3: Release Date, Cast, and Trailer

If you are one of those who have recently completed watching season 2 of ‘Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts’ and now are eagerly waiting to know when will Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts Season 3 release? Then, we have a piece of good news for all of you that we have gathered all the exciting details about season 3 of this series which you should know. In this post, I will be sharing all the details about Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts Season 3 which we have gathered from our sources.

But before that, I would like to throw some light on details about the ‘Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts’ series. It is basically an American animation series that is an adaptation of the 2015 release webcomic Kipo. This webcomic has a huge fan following in America and thus its series version also got benefits of it.

This series received a lot of appreciation and love from the American audience. It has proved to be one of the most successful American series. Hence creators of this series are definitely thinking for a new season. It also received a very high IMDb rating of 8.2 out of 10. The compelling and interesting story along with amazing characters is the main reason for the success of this American series.

Now after the great success of season 1 and season 2, the American audience has very high hopes from the creators of this series. Also, I think that the creators will definitely not disappoint the audience and we will return with a new season. After all, with love and support, they are also getting a good business from it. Now, let’s have a look at the information which we have gathered. Here’s everything I know;

Kipo Season 3 release Date
Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts Poster

When Will Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts Season 3 Release?

Till now, no confirmation has been made by the creators of this series regarding season 3. Therefore, it is very difficult to say exactly when will season 3 of this American series release. But there are some expectations that if everything remains fine and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic doesn’t last for long then, we can expect a new season by the end of 2020.

Everything is dependent on the pandemic going as the new season can be delayed for long if the pandemic doesn’t over soon. As a safety, is everyone’s first priority. So, overall I can say that you can expect a new season of this series by the end of 2020. If any updates are made regarding new seasons of this American animation series then we will upgrade that in this post a soon as possible.

Where Will Season 3 Of This Series Release?

Like the previous two seasons, season 3 of this series will also release Netflix as its original. As all the distribution rights of this series are owned by Netflix, hence all the upcoming seasons will be released on Netflix throughout the globe.

Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts Season 3 Release Date
Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Lead Characters

Season 3 Characters and Their Voice artists

Like the previous two seasons, the characters of this series will again return in the new season and will continue the story where it was left doubtful. All the characters of this series received great appreciation and applaud from the audience. Thus some of the characters have made special places in the audience’s hearts. Some of the most loved characters are;

  • Karen Fukuhara voiced Kipo Oak
  • Sydney Mikayla voiced Wolf
  • Coy Stewart voiced Benson
  • Deon Cole voiced Dave
  • Dee Bradley Baker voiced Mandu
  • Sterling K. Brown voiced Lio Oak
  • Jee Young Han voiced Song Oak
  • Dan Stevens voiced Scarlemagne
  • Amy Landecker voiced Dr. Emilia
  • Lea Delaria voiced Molly Yarnchopper
  • Steve Blum voiced Yumyan Hammerpaw
  • Grey Griffin voiced Cotton
  • Jake Green voiced Jamack
  • Michael-Leon Wooley voiced Tad Mulholland
  • Ian Harding voiced Harris
  • Jeff Bennett voiced Hoag
  • Giullian Yao Gioiello voiced Troy
  • Rhea Butcher voiced Asher
  • Fryda Wolff voiced Dahlia
  • Avrielle Corti voiced Amy
  • Ace Gibson voiced Brad
  • Carlos Alazraqui voiced Zane
  • Anna Vocino voiced Greta
  • Antonio Alvarez voiced Roberto
  • Jack Stanton voiced Fun Gus
Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts New Season Cast
Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts Netflix Release and Lead Characters

Season 3 Trailer

No official trailer for season 3 of this series has released till now. But if any announcements occur regarding the trailer of this series then we will update that in this post as soon as possible. Till then, you can have a look at the trailer of season 2 of this series.

What Can Happen In Kipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts Season 3?

In the previous two seasons, we observed that Kipo Oak, a thirteen-year-old girl was in search of her father after she was forced to flee from her underground city. During her search for her father, she has to face many difficulties and obstacles. So, in search of her father, she travels through an urban wasteland which was ruled by mutes. Those seasons gives us a better understanding of the war between humans and mutes.

It shows how the Kipo gang went through all the difficulties to travel their path. Previous seasons have already answered most of the questions of the audience but some of which were left is getting to complete in season 3. Season 3 can introduce more ugly truths of humans and more of their evil nature.

New Season Release Date
Lead Characters of the American series

Kipo Season 1 and 2: Details You Should Know

Season 1 of this series was released on January 14, 2020, and it consists of a total of 10 episodes and each episode was of approx 25-30 minutes. Season 2 was released on June 12, 2020, and all the 10 episodes of this season were also bombarded on the same day by Netflix. According to audience reviewers, each and every minute of this series is worth watching and the same are the expectations with the new season. Also, the characters of this series are very much loved by the audience.

Kipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts is basically an American adventure, action, and comedy animation series that has released two seasons till now. Radford Sechrist is the creator of this series and also the author of the webcomic on which it is based. Bill Wolkoff has developed this series and Daniel Rojas has composed the music of this series. Bill Wolkoff, Radford Sechrish, and Yoo Jae Myung are the executive producers of this series.

This American series is produced by Park Sang Ah and Kim Han Byeol in association with DreamWorks Animation Television and Studio Mir. The distribution rights of this series were owned by NBCUniversal Television Distribution and Netflix. It was available only in the English Language. These are all the details about Season 3 of this American Series which was gathered by us. If any more announcements are made by the creators then we will update that in this post. Till then stay tuned to Otakukart for upcoming updates of new seasons of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.